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Archived Creative Marketing 2020

Title: Creative Marketing
Name: CreativeMarketing
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 4415 PIV
Total Amnt: 13245 PIV
Author: Rhubarbarian
Receiver: Rhubarbarian
Address: DTyGsy4VC784yrW5x5wR9rEw5cv1wtQJ7K
Created: 2020-08-04
Status: Active
PIVX Foundation: able to KYC to receive

The Need/Focus
We are submitting this proposal to step back into serving the project with timely, creative, and strategic designs and resources in order to help promote the project, educate and equip our community and continue the efforts of becoming a common currency and the most valued privacy coin in the market.

We will be looking to create content around 5 key themes.
  • Brand Awareness (core values, mission, vision, etc)
  • Education (PIVX 101 teaching tools, support Ambassadors, etc),
  • Technology (wallet tech, exchanges, and other apps/tools),
  • Community (celebrate the community, the Tribe, etc)
  • Adoption (new tech, merchant support which includes education, tools, and support)
As much of the content is day-to-day needs and at times, reactionary needs, we want to still roll out one-off campaigns to supplement any lull in monthly news. In collaboration with Chris and others who sit in a marketing role, we hope to develop some campaign creative to fill in the gaps between announcements and updates if time allows. These will include, but not be limited to sponsorship marketing, contests, General PIVX highlight creative, regional creative marketing support for other language groups, and/or 3rd party associations.

The Goods
We will focus on 2 main duties

1. Designs work (main role) may include:
  • Announcement Design (Tech, exchanges, community, events, etc)
  • Web/online graphics updates (Design for Main announcements, PIVXPress, PIVXProse, etc)
  • Promotional Graphic (brochures, clothing, and other schwag, cards, Banners, etc)
  • Campaign Creative (this is like a series of creative, Roadmaps, PIVXPoS, Infographics, etc)
  • Project management and co-marketing leadership.
2. Marketing Strategy Work (Secondary role in collaboration with Chris and others)
  • Develop a Key Messaging Document (KMD)
  • Develop a basic MArketing plan outline for now and future marketing.
The Costs/Time/Process/Reporting/File Access

4415 PIV per month

We are proposing a retainer type model whereby we commit to doing 10 “graphics” each month (2-3 per week) which we will attach a time value of 5 hours per graphic for a total of 50 hours of creative support per month (12.5 hours per week) Plus KMD/Basic Marketing Outline time-> an extra 2 hours a week in collaboration with Chris and a marketing committee (document to be delivered in month 2). The full process, action items, and deliverables coming soon.
It will be up to our discretion whether we do or not do work beyond the allotted retainer, but we at least commit to the above workload and number of "graphics" each month.

Time includes the entire design process: Research - Brainstorming/Communications - Ideation/Concept Creation - Copy Writing - Review - Refine - Review/vote - Finalization - Release!

NOTE: "Releasing" graphics will be dependent on social media leads and website team to deliver the content to the various channels/platforms. We can help with this if needed as time allows.

We use a project management tool called TeamWork. We will use this to keep track of time and offer reports each month as to the burn rate and time totals. If we require others to be a part of that process, we can add them to the tool and task them if needed.

Access to Files: All files, both working files, and finals for specific use (ie designs for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) will be loaded to PIVX Cloud folders for ease of access. These working files can be used for Ambassadors who may need them translated and have community designers to do this, but we just ask that the essence of the design does not change, only the copy as needed for new languages or like the QOTD creative we originally designed for ongoing iterations.

The Dependencies and Process to Request
The core teams (Devs, Support, Marketing) will specify in advance any creative requirements needed for the upcoming month. If there are no requirements needed a particular week, those hours are then dedicated to proactive work from a list of ideas generated by the joint marketing team.

FYI: New Wallet Launches have typically been about a 1-2 month process and are well coordinated between devs/support and me.

For any small creative requests, they need to be submitted at least 3 days -1 week in advance. I have created an Online Request Form to help facilitate this process. Although Discord requests can work as long as all the info from the form is delivered in that DM request.

This way, we will create content (singles or series graphics) based on a set amount of hours dedicated towards PIVX every week, and one way or another those hours will be used. This allows us to submit predictable deliverables and track output from each proposal.

We believe this solution addresses the current and future needs of PIVX, and starts the creation of a joint marketing effort with a solidified team.

With much Purple Love,


Creative Director - Myself (Chad Ballantyne)
Designer, Jeni Ball, Chad
Project Management: Rhubarbarian (Chad), Chris

Creative Marketing Support
4415 PIVX/month
TOTAL 13245 PIV (3 months)

Proposal Name: CreativeMarketing

Ya "mnbudgetvote many 43e1f0d22e63678021b1858e69b9a4639f5d6a9d78e4ab53ecf886dd2f3c7684 yes"

Na "mnbudgetvote many 43e1f0d22e63678021b1858e69b9a4639f5d6a9d78e4ab53ecf886dd2f3c7684 no"

"mnbudget getinfo CreativeMarketing” to check the status

Proposal Fee: We will not be asking for the 50 PIV in fees to be reimbursed
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I think as we are nearing 5.0 this is more important than ever. PIVX is in dire need of a direction and a reminder of the brands focus. I am not privy to any of the re-branding / website efforts, but, going forward, I think more efforts should be made to creating a cohesive marketing strategy with razor sharp focus. While I don't know what Chris has up his sleeve, I do know that Rhubarb's team is qualified to produce the items in the proposal, I suspect maybe even more! But I very much look forward to marketing documents collaborated with Chris (and a marketing committee). PIVX has always had a passionate community and if awesomeness can come from within the community, I say YES!
Great proposal, Rhubarbarian. Though PIVX has always been great, the new and improved direction that Marketing will take PIVX to is going to be 🚀💥!
This past month we've done a pile of creative as seen on socials (I won't attach them here as you can see them on socials)
  • A RoadMap update set - 6 recently completed and one moved from planning to development (updated the website as well)
  • AMA for Zenzo
  • 2 PoS ads. One for reminding folks of the custom PoS and one just about Earning rewards in for use in response to the USA reg article
  • 4 Exchange adds (2 with new artwork with laptop and coions)
  • Weekly News Recap art
  • New Blog Articles art
  • Assorted 5.0 concepts
  • Onboarding a couple new Ambassadors (donation work)
This includes writing draft copy for some of the posts.
Also spent a while figuring out NextCloud to help with project management. The process is going well, thanks to @palmtree for helping.

Plan on working on the KMD doc and basic plan this month as well as new creative for the brand, tech, community, adoption, and education.


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Are creative images being uploaded to the cloud?

I realize it is not reasonable to attach them all here, but that was the whole point of a public folder at Cloud.PIVX.org so that we could easily see all the *.png images delivered for each cycle in 1 spot. Then you just need a single link here to point to that folder. This was called out as a deliverable for this proposal. It is unrealistic to expect us to search thru social media to see them for the past month, let alone find specific ones in the future.

Your images are amazing - why not make it easy for the MNOs to see them all in one place so it hits them in the face what tremendous value you offer?

Also, there should be a private folder (For Marketing Role) where the source files are stored. I am not seeing those. If they are there, it might be because I am missing the proper role.

What is KMD? (K____ Marketing Doc?)

What is the status of the Marketing Plan? I know it is planned for Month 2, but has there been any work on it?
Thanks for the questions...
Are creative images being uploaded to the cloud? - yes - and as they are approved I will move them to the public folders as I have been doing for the past months. For the sake of the report, we are just starting, the work is being done as can be seen in the public social channels, on our website. MNOs are seeing my work each week. That said, the same link used in the past can still be used now. https://cloud.pivx.org/index.php/s/nR9uYkuRcMCo9Z1

As of now, the folders contain the files used for social AND some contain the working files (.ai, .PSD, or .Indd). More working files are also being added as I go, but many are not needed as the posts are one-offs. I am placing working files for things like brochures, as we've done the designs for multiple languages and ongoing anyone could take the base file and work it for their own language if they have the skills and apps. Evergreen content deserves working files, but even these will probably be not needed with the new team creating a new standard/style.

KMD. = Key Messaging Document. It's the foundation for creating Marketing Plans. Typically created from listing problems in the market and how PIVX has or will solve them and adding simple messaging to relay that to specific markets. Tags and slogans come from these. And its used as a resource as well as a living document to be edited and iterated as we go.

The Marketing Plan and KMD have been worked on and I plan to work with a few marketing peeps to shape it as we go. It will be a basic recommendation/Idea document with specific deliverables around our core marketing themes. Technology, Brand Development, Busines Development, Education (blockchain/crypto/PIVX) Adoption (merchant/Individuals) Community Development. This is all dependant on collaboration by others.

Hope that helps!
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This past month I worked on several design projects and random one-off requests from the team. Also did some web updates.

- 4.3 launch - Social sets and update website graphics and links
- PIVXSports generic add for updates
- 5 Advantages of Sapling set for social and copywriting
- Forum Features (BYOB/BYOS and Top 5 reasons to check out the Forum)
- Designed a 7 DAY Market recap art and social sets
- PIVXPlaces art and a featured merchant template.
- PIVX AMA with Sent social sets
- Updated text on 4 Ways to earn and loaded a new set
- StakeCube Exchange Ann set
- Copy Writing for most posts
- Assistance with TV special proofing and asset finding.
- work in the KMD and marketing plan
- brainstorm designs for new website assets.
- Recorded and working on Episode 5 cover art for PIVXPods
- Project management, using the Cloud app and loading all art to the cloud decks as well as the Creative Content folder

Will load working files to Cloud over the next week, but seems like with the new design change over, they will not be needed.

KMD and plan will not be completed. Didn't have any takers on collaboration (as was part of the proposal terms) and so filled up time quota on creative work. But will shore up some of the docs and leave a link here for anyone to carry on with it this coming week.

My support has come to a close for now. Other projects have taken over (paid) and so need to focus for the sake of my own well being and paying the bills. I will be pulling out of being active in the production channels next week, but still hanging around the community.
I have been hired by a few more projects and my capacity for volunteering is next to none. I will be around, but not accepting requests unless some budget is available and it can fit my production schedule. Thanks for all your support. Having poured a lot into this project for almost 4 years, I am proud of the work and confident it was a good foundation for what's next. Blessing on the new team of creatives. And I'm grateful for all the friendships forged.
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