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Archived Creative Marketing Proposal


May '17

Our Goals
The Rhubarbarians (RhubarbMedia.ca) are presenting this proposal in order to be the team to take on (again
) the official creative content design and continue to collaborate with the marketing support team in delivering awesome, relevant and impacting content every week if needed. This includes a marketing/communications plan to strategically roll out some campaigns throughout the year. We have the capacity, the team and the knowledge to do what we did for PIVX when we launched and during the ride up thus far. Our goal is to provide the best and blast the market with a cohesive, creative, professional, approachable message in order to see PIVX take the next leap forward. We will include in the proposal the opportunity for other professionals in the community to come along side on certain projects for web, video, ads and other PIVX related needs. We believe those of you who started this before us and have joined since, having experienced our abilities, saw our work and impact up till now, know the value we bring to the table and will support this.
We will continue to protect the brand and its message and helping PIVX move to global brand awareness and product acceptance via design for web/social media, print, product design, merchandise, and more. We will help create a strategic plan for creative in line with the Marketing Support team to make sure all deliverables are on brand and on time.
We bleed purple.

Value Drivers:

Rhubarb Media is an 11 year creative studio. We gave birth to the PIVX name and brand and delivered the creative designs contributing to PIVX’s rapid growth along with a dedicated team of support. We feel we’ve proven our worth, not only by our creativity and quality, but through our passionate commitment to see PIVX as a top10 coin. We also bring a strong strategic communications background in looking at new ways to market PIVX and improve our offerings. We have direct access to other creative providers and PR and marketing support agencies within the Creative Space. (Coworking Community)
To see all of what we have created so far beyond the branding 14 and website, please see this DropBox folder 1.
We will provide timely creative designs for:
Electronic documents, ppt templates, etc
Illustrations (Infographics, PIVX Panther creations, etc)
Social Media designs – Design for Facebook, Twitter, etc
Web banner/graphics - Provided needed designs for upkeep of pivx.org
Merchant Graphics (PIVX Accepted here, etc)
Wallet design support (Desktop, mobile, hardware)
Video production (Film, animation, explainers, etc)
Business Cards
T-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc
Advertisement for web or print as needed
Business Card Templates for all to order their own and add their names if they like
Vehicle/building details/wraps
Merchant Adverts for signage, window wraps, etc
T-shirts/clothing/schwag items
We will provide source files for all the above, and all work created previously, such that they can easily be translated into any language by community members. This will make it much easier to leverage all the prior effort as PIVX grows the international community.
Our team includes myself (Chad Ballantyne) as Creative Director and designer, Dan Hotchkiss as Lead designer, Mario Trunz as Web Developer and Joelle Crossley as project manager. All are PIVX investors. We may throughout the tenure of the proposal do a call for extra support as need from the community of other designers committed to the PIVX cause.
Proven from the moment we started back in November, 2016. We are not only the lead designers for PIVX, but I (Chad) have pour countless hours into communications and moderating the slack community, vision casting and shaping the core messaging all along. His commitment go beyond just pixels!
Our team would like to continue to produce all PIVX official ads for social, banner graphics, web ads for other sites as well as product design, clothing, decals. We’d would work close with the Dev team to provide UI/UX for desktop and mobile wallets. We would be on call for any request from the Marketing Support team around new exchanges or apps adding PIVX, providing professional on-brand designs for promotion. If approved there will be a steady stream of ads, marketing materials, document templates and more.
Success Metrics
Success will primarily be measured by the continued rapid growth of the PIVX brand and market. It will be seen by the number of clicks, hits and comments. When we see the community inspired and invested in PIVX, we will have succeeded our goals.
Technical Excellence
Users Adoption
Community Development
Funding for this proposal is 1,500 PIV per month, for 3 months.
We are also asking for an additional 100 PIV for reimbursement of proposal submission fees. This includes 50 PIV for the Proposal Submission Fee, and 50 PIV for the Proposal Finalization Fee.
Therefore we are asking for a total of 4,600 PIV or 1,533.33 PIV per month, for 3 months.
We are basing this off the current PIV price, and if there is a decrease, we will absorb that cost. If there is an increase in the PIV price, we will add more hours to the project effort.
At the end of each month, we will report out with how many PIV were spent, and what items/tasks that paid for. We realize the PRL (Proposal Reporting Level) Guideline is not completed yet, but we are going to provide as much reporting as possible. The idea being that the more we report out, the better an example it will be for what the PRL should include. It may also prompt design decisions for the PRL itself.
We will report out on metrics that are directly linked to our efforts, and also metrics that we would have had influence with, and perhaps empowered others, but that we are not the only ones responsible for.
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