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DAOs; The Next Best Thing in Crypto.


📣 Attention PIVX Community! 📣
We've got an exciting new video for you, featuring our very own Hans Koning in conversation with the knowledgeable Cryptosi. They dive deep into the world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and explore their impact on projects like PIVX.
🎯 Key discussion points in the video:
  • The importance of treasuries in DAOs
  • Ensuring accountability through deliverables in DAO proposals
  • The role of governance in decentralized projects
  • Legal challenges and the future landscape of DAOs
This is an insightful and engaging conversation that you won't want to miss. Join Hans and Cryptosi as they share their expertise and discuss the future of decentralized governance. Watch, learn, and share your thoughts on the PIVX forums!
🔗 Check out the video here:
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