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Do you work or help for pivx? Write down what you do!


Reword it.

As requested by furszy we need to gather a list of names for the website to update it.
Can you post name, discord and what department.

Want a new picture? Post that to. Etc.

Fuzzbawls - Dev
Snappy - marketing
Leacy - social media
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Eric Stanek - I do what I want, when I want, if I want, how I want. To achieve that, I talk with all sorts of people I admire and trust to complete tasks in the same way. JFDI!
Compiling some info of people actually doing work for pivx. Please comment your discord name, what role you are doing and who has put you in that position.

This could be.

Fuzzbawls - Dev - masternode budget voted through.

Snappy - marketing - volunteer (been here awhile)

We can expand after that.
Borris, if you feel this would benefit you and others then by all means, please take the time to research everyone that is presently active in a paid and volunteer role, find out what they do, etc and put it on a google doc for everyone to check out for validity. As that is exactly what I did in late Fall 2020, in updating the staff role list on my own time. I reached out to everyone and then cross-checked what they said with their work shown in Discord, GitHub or elsewhere. I didn't just assume what 80% of them did, but instead asked what they did and verified it. FYI, This took almost 4 weeks to do on a voluntary basis. :)
I've reworded it. No need for these essays. Just simply updating the site as apparently no one has this list of who's actively working on everything.