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Active Expenses 2022 (Q1-Q2)


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Title: Expenses 2022 (Q1-Q2)
Name: Expenses_2022_Q1Q2
Term: 6 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 600 PIV
Total Amnt: 3600 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Eric Stanek
Address: DCRsh9cm2vfQBXE8gPc9nzgQKM6L9J1qzj
Created: 2022-01-14
Status: Active
Vote Hash: fd4f5acac0118090a55b92b44644384fea6e1f8167d55d05ba53b148a66ef48b


This proposal adds an expense for iStockPhoto, but is basically a continuation of expenses for Domains, and Web Servers described in detail in this prior proposal.



All prices are in USD.

The 3 VPS web server instances are $60 per month, plus $10 per month for backups.
The prices for the 30 domains vary, but average at $10 per year each.
The subscription for iStockPhoto.com is $115 USD per month.

I am including the 50 PIV cost for submitting this proposal as well.

So, we have:

3 x ($60 + $10) x 12 = $2,520 per year for the VPS web server instances.

30 x $10 = $300 per year for the domains.

1 x $115 x 12 = $1,380 per year for iStockPhoto.

The total is then $4,200 per year, or $350.00 per month for PIVX Expenses.

The current price for PIVX is $0.53, so that works out to 660 PIV per month.

Making the math simple, by only adding 8 PIV per month to pay for the 50 PIV proposal submission fee over 6 months, we get:

660 + 8 = 668 PIV per month.

I will round it DOWN to 600 PIV per month for simplicity and to again bias in favor of PIVX.


I have no time to track any differences in expenses compared to actual fiat value of PIV received in this proposal. Given the price dropped significantly for the last 2 versions of this proposal (3 months each) and have certainly not recovered my costs for those, and there were many years prior to that these expenses were completely out of my pocket, this should not be an issue. As such, unless the PIVX price jumps well over $2.00 USD, I will not be calculating any credit etc. But, at that point, we can vote this proposal down and update the math for a new one to replace it. However, it the price drops dramatically, I will absorb the loss as I have done before.


I will not be reporting out any further details.


To Vote Yes:

mnbudgetvote many fd4f5acac0118090a55b92b44644384fea6e1f8167d55d05ba53b148a66ef48b yes

To Vote No:

mnbudgetvote many fd4f5acac0118090a55b92b44644384fea6e1f8167d55d05ba53b148a66ef48b no
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