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Title: Global Social Media Manager
Name: GoGlobalPIVX
Term: 2 cycles
Cycle Amount: 1300
Total Amount: 2600
Author: Hanna PIVX
Receiver: Hanna PIVX
Address: D7H8a1FVQS6svZYvvRNqrgTePNrtpdwpr7
Created: July 2, 2019
Status: Proposal

Establish a smooth process flow to involve every participant into Social Media Alert globally and motivate community managers to run their account with high enthusiasm. I have the time and organizational skills needed, and most importantly a desire to make the changes PIVX needs in this area.

PIVX Community Social Media:

There are now many different Social Media channels, run by many different people, from all over the world. This is amazing because each channel can focus on the Country/Language/Culture they represent. PIVX is a Global Coin for the Global community. Everyone who manages their own account can understand that this is a lot of work in building an audience but when maintaining a PIVX social account, this is an even bigger responsibility.


Every single person managing a Channel is willing to find information to build particular interest to the account, searching for articles, sharing local news connected to crypto and culture, etc.

Most of the managers are faced with similar issues. They have the desire to engage but finding reliable information and content, having images created, translating and branding them - while sticking to the branding guidelines, can be a very difficult, time-consuming and expensive task so they give up to continue participating.

Information about PIVX can be spread very far and wide! How to combine the common effort and acting together. There is a lot of room for improvement but we can start from small steps.

For a long time, we had PIVXfan application which helps to measure the effort of participants and reward them if the influence was relevant. We have lost this opportunity and for a while, we had nothing similar to identify our positive influencers and active members


Over a year ago, we started researching and testing various Project Management tools. Most had at least one major issue that prevented us from using them. We eventually settled on ClickUp. THANK YOU to #TranslationPIVXteam (17 members) and #PIVXcommunity team (7 members) as well as @Valderrama @ONeZetty @CryptoVitality @William who all helped with the evaluation of these tools and @LeacyMcK who runs PIVXcommunity and PIVXcrypto Instagram accounts using ClickUp.

ClickUp is free and allows us to capture any process, tweak it until it is perfect, and use it over and over again as a template for repetitive tasks. It makes it very easy for people to help with their tasks, without the need to read through anything other than only what they need. With the #TranslationPIVXteam and #PIVXcommunity teams, we have found it essential to being efficient.

I will create processes in ClickUp to make it very easy for each Social Media channel manager to be notified about the most important announcements and completed translations - even if they missed them in Discord. Also, by managing additional keywords they each use, I can track their participation and analyze the effectivity of their efforts.

For example, using hashtags such as #PIVXprivacy, #PIVXCommunity,
#PIVXFoundation, #PIVXDevsRock and #PIVXUSDTBITTREX can identify an exact topic which was promoted and help to create the report. Here is the opportunity for organizing the campaign with the marketing team in advance.

Another opportunity is to find and share images that the Community at large has created. They can still, of course, create their own - and they are encouraged to share what they create when they do! However, when stressed for time, they can also look to a large ‘bucket’ of images created by other PIVians to use freely. We are in the process of making this happen and have a tool where we can keep the images created by the PIVX community.

The next step for organizing is to manage the translation of the images they need. This is an idea only, which require additional time to figure out the proper action plan.

I am using Google Analytics and other relevant tools for providing a weekly report for the Marketing team, and for analyzing effectivity and what works best for the PIVX team in Social Media, what drives the traffic to PIVX.org. The same tools can help me to track the effort and influence the level of Social Media Managers which will influence their reward. I hope it will encourage them to engage and focus on growing their audience.

Using ClickUp across the PIVX Social Media Community channels can help us to establish the most effective processes and share best practices. This will make everyone far more effective and we can ‘rinse and repeat’ for every great idea that comes from these Champions.


Let me introduce myself. I am Hanna PIVX. I am an ambitious PIVX project manager focused on localization and international business with an ongoing analysis of what works best for PIVX.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanna-purple-0b1098175/
Twitter account https://twitter.com/hanna_pivx
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hannaPIVX
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hannapivx/

  • Two years with PIVX as a Translation Team Leader and Project Manager
  • Master’s degree in system engineering and Business Diploma with a fresh knowledge of Project Management, Marketing, E-Commerce, Production & Operations Management, Statistics
  • Over 10 years of International Business in the company with a strong brand with experience to build long term relationships (yes, not marketing) with the representatives from worldwide companies such as Samsung, LG (South Korea), Adidas, K&N (Germany), IKEA( Swedish), Nestle(Switzerland) in negotiating rates and pricing, scheduling, establish company’s pricing SOP and coordination of many business processes
  • Speak in 3 languages, lived in 4 countries, visited over 20 countries as a travel enthusiast and a business representative what makes me open-minded to people with different cultures background and to take advantage of working in a diverse team
  • Proficient in many worldwide Computer Software designed for scheduling, coordination, pricing and taking analyses and willing to learn more to make us more organized.
  • Focus is on delivering a well balanced and result-orientation outcome, with all projects and that of those with a tight deadline.
  • Believe that PEOPLE are one of the most important resources of any company and to combine the right people into the team, establish the understandable process where everyone will be involved based on their talent and motivate people for achieving their goals acting in the interest of the company are the key to success of any process, team and strategy.

I am seeking for 1300 PIV per cycle on the next two months In sum 2600 PIV where

750 PIV will go to Community Managers who run the local Social Media accounts in most of the cases with prefix PIVX_

200 PIV will go @Valderrama who agreed to run English Steemit account on a weekly basis and provide additional content in English ( two additional posts written by him)

200 PIV will be getaway to supporters and active accounts which will be showed up in TOP 10 accounts per week

150 PIV for project management and coordination

We are welcome to new active Social Media managers to the global team who will ready to cooperate.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my proposal and for your consideration.:coffee:

Vote YES :love:

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Vote No :cry:

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Please find the report for the first cycle for The Global Team who announced and shared PIVX news globally

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