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Ready for Review Graphic & Marketing - Building PIVX


New Pivian
Hello, my name is Dan Hotchkiss.
I’ve done a bunch of graphic design and marketing support in the background over the years. I’ve been around since the birth of PIVX and was a small part of its launch.
I'm posting this to gauge the community, touch base for accountability/ideas, and get a beat on what is needed directly.


I would like to assist the already amazing team with graphic design and marketing help. Crypto coins succeed with solid marketing/graphic teams and as the coin grows, so should the team. I have asked around and I believe there is a need for a couple roles I believe I can help fill. Some of these are:
  • Fastvertising. Ryan Reynolds does a type of event-specific advertising that is topical, controversial, and shocking in order to really catch people’s attention. These would be based on events and news happening right then and there. In marketing any attention is good attention. I would like to try to go down this road even if not through official channels, such as PIVXmemes, personal accounts, etc. and try to use this to grab new people’s attention to the coin. I feel there is a strong need to help get awareness out to the general public about the unique tech & capabilities of PIVX.

    Definition of Fastvertising:
    “Fastvertising is a marketing strategy that emphasizes speed, agility, and real-time responsiveness. It involves the rapid creation and deployment of marketing campaigns to capitalize on trending events, news, and cultural moments. This approach leverages the power of social media, content marketing, and digital advertising to engage with audiences quickly, often in a matter of hours or even minutes.” - Andrew Brown ( see his LinkedIn article for Pros and Cons and full definition: https://urlis.net/6u6fxrnm )

  • Marketing Campaign Landing pages (these are more marketing graphics than websites and lead traffic back to the main site - this would also help get metrics specifically on our ad/campaign effectiveness). I have already worked with LeacyMck and if she has time, fingers crossed, I can work with her to create these. This can work very well with a Fastvertising and targeted marketing campaigns!

  • Marketing Ads (working to help support LeacyMck, Shorn, and Meerkat if needed. Also helping outside PIVX official channels such as PIVXPoker, PIVXMemes, etc)

  • Video assets (logos, intro/outro graphics, thumbnails, lower thirds, etc). I saw the pre-proposal from the fellow wanting to make videos from Turkey. I thought new endeavors like that would be an excellent opportunity for me to come alongside someone and help - this would not put more strain on Shorn and Meerkat, and thus I help lighten the load for everyone.

  • Branding support if needed (I made the social posts template/guide and can make similar things if needed to help the general community wanting to get involved)

  • Any other work that may be needed. I’d like to be open to not just ‘do my own thing’ but come alongside the various endeavors in this growing grassroots community called PIVX.


  • 16,000 PIV (($50cad x 30hrs/wk) x 4 wks or 1 cycle)
  • 1 Cycle
  • 120 hours (30hrs/wk)
*Once this 1 cycle is finished I want to reassess where I am needed most.
*Whether I have found a specific niche where help is needed most or perhaps continue doing this type of general graphic/marketing support.


I’ve helped intermittently over the years with various graphics, marketing, and illustrations. The most substantial projects with PIVX were the original branding (which has been tweaked a bit over the years), the social media posts/marketing guide made last year, and more than one marketing campaign alongside LeacyMck.
Outside of PIVX I have 3 years experience in NFT illustrations, 12+ years in graphic design (branding, web, marketing, print) , and I’ve even dabbled in a little video editing.


I did a fundraiser for my wedding with my family/friends and with the donations/support of the PIVX community. I agreed that if we hit a certain goal I would get the PIVX “P” waxed into my chest….oh boy, do I remember us hitting that goal! Haha