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Name: Hawtch-MarketCmpn0524
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 20,650 PIV
Total Amount: 20,650 PIV
Author: Hawtch
Receiver: Hawtch
Address: DNGakPAT5nGrdVaAeNetBSjYXb2Utqoibg
Created: May 08, 2024
Status: Pending

Hi PIVX community!

I go by Hawtch. I have been with PIVX on and off since the beginning but I’ve been full time for the last 2 months. It’s been a blast and I look forward to more.

I have been working on launching a marketing campaign with a focus on external growth. I’d like to officially get the campaign started at the beginning of June. In the comments below I will be attaching the work I’ve been doing and the progress along the way. We have soft launched the campaign starting with the ‘I Bought___ with PIVX”, and soon to be followed by YouTube videos.

Basically I want to do what Jeffrey is doing - getting PIVX out there, and instead of acquiring new listings and partners, acquire new buyers and people interested in PIVX.

There is a phsychological effect called the Mere Exposure Effect: essentially if we see something 5-10+ times we start to become familiar with it and trust it, even if we don't understand it. This is why big brands like Mcdonalds will buy a Billboard and just put their logo on it - you know what McDonalds is, but seeing it consistently makes your brain remember it and trust it. When you want food you are more likely to get the thing you trust. I’d like to build up to this, and that requires us to expand outwards more and more.

Note: this is a ton of work and to be honest it can be a little overwhelming. This should be a team of 2-5 people doing this. I am going to continue to push to do as much as I can for the next couple months but in the long term this isn’t sustainable without extra help.

I’ve done:
  • Created PIVX_Marketing Twitter and Instagram.
  • Created and set unique social media branding.
  • Financial School textbook ad with Jeffrey
  • Freshened up PIVXpodcast brand
  • Created the PIVX Paladin Breaking News ad style.
  • Formed message and style of campaign.
  • Signed up for Twitter Premium.
I’m doing:
  • Creating campaign ads. Almost done.
  • Creating landing page with HTML/CSS as a way to measure ad responses.
  • Establishing YouTube control. Prepping videos to post and possible brand refresh (if I have time)
  • Livestreams ‘Chill Chat Connect’ in Discord each week.
  • Interact and make efforts to grow the PIVX_Marketing Twitter.
  • Created and launched a giveaway called “I bought ___ with PIVX” using the 1000 PIV I added to last months proposal.
I’m going to do:
  • Launch Campaign 2 including boosted/targeted ads.
  • Continue giveaway to promote using PIVcards and MyPIVXwallet.

During April and May I will/have been building the external-marketing focused Twitter page named ‘PIVX_Marketing’, the YouTube channel and a ‘PIVX_Marketing’ Instagram account. During April and May I have also been reinforcing the team with some design help - a South African Finance School textbook ad, polishing up the old PIVXpodcast branding, and creating a type of Fastvertising that responds to Breaking News - I call it PIVX Paladin. These are attached below.

Full Info
Campaign Ads
It has been decided to use the messaging “Nothing to Hide? Not all Privacy is Criminal.” and have the hashtag “#privacymatters”. This will be paired with the imagery of an outraged woman naked in a towel covering herself. I believe this will be the most effective out of all my ideas:
  • Easy to understand message with imagery.
  • Humorous, every so slightly sexy, and still serious message.
  • Much easier to accomplish design-wise versus illustrations
  • Really great start to begin advertising and learning from metrics.
Landing Page
Now that I have chosen the imagery and message, I am refining the ads and I will be using these styles/imagery to build the landing page. I intend to use Plausible, since it can be anonymous/private versus using the restrictions of Google Analytics. I will just be building a basic site using HTML/CSS as I am not proficient in any other thing aside from CMS’s.

Twitter Premium
I have used my own id/credit card to sign up the PIVX Marketing page so we can boost our posts. I have included in the quote breakdown extra PIV to pay for boosting our ads. This way we can choose to target certain demographics and we can use the results to refine the efficiency of our message, branding, and targets.

Twitter Giveaway Campaign
I have launched the May giveaway and would like to continue doing this into June. In order to continue efforts, I have added some PIV once again to the total quote. This helps get people interacting on Twitter. In the big picture giveaways can be an inexpensive way to get interactions on our socials and get out there. In coming months I would love to enhance the levels of giveaways such as merch and more winners.

LeacyMck has officially handed me the password to the YouTube and passed on the steering wheel to me. I will be making sure to share the password with one other member that I trust - still figuring out who exactly. This month I am planning to do a voice call interview with Jeffrey in order for him to share what his history, role, and efforts are in PIVX. I intend to use this interview to post a video on YouTube of at least 15 mins long. I will also be cutting it and other YouTube videos to use for YouTube shorts. My aim is to start as soon as I can to begin posting YouTube shorts 4x a week. On top of using other YouTube videos, I would like to start posting/using past twitter spaces and interviews for our YouTube channel. We simply need content flowing for now until we can get more help to expand on the quality.

I now have a great base of styles to use for Fastvertising as news comes out. I can use the PIVX Paladin and the “Nothing to Hide? Not all Privacy is Criminal” (see commented images). This marketing style works really great with as much news coming in as possible. I invite anyone reading this to help send news and other happenings that could be used in quick-response advertising!

Community outreach
I have continued my efforts to connect with the community and help add to a positive active culture within PIVX. It’s not perfect, but I am certainly trying. I have been hosting a livestream hangouts in the Discord weekly. I intend to continue these as they have started to foster good conversation and ideas. This might be an amazing way to find new people to join the team in the future - who knows.

Kenya Outreach
I am in conversation with some of the PIVX crew, including YuurinBee, to plan efforts in Kenya, Africa. As you probably know he recently went to Kenya and Ghana and has some solid connections - coincidently I do as well. Due to this we are in discussions how we can do some serious campaigns and outreach - becoming the household crypto. I expect this will take some time to plan and figure out with the local government, connections, and our already-busy team.

Marketing Plan so far. Click link below:
PIVX Marketing Campaign 1 PDF

My previous proposals:

  • Work Hours: 17,000 PIV { (($50cad x 40hrs/wk) x 4 wks or 1 cycle) x $0.47cad per PIV (mth average) }
  • Costs: 1000 PIV for giveaways. 2500PIV for Twitter Boosts.
  • Reimbursement: $16usd Twitter Premium (May and June), and $55usd Shutterstock Credits. (150 PIV)
  • Cycle Length: 1 Cycle
  • Total Hours: 160 hours total (40hrs/wk)
  • Total Quote: 20,650 PIV

- I've added 1/3 of a month extra for next cycle in order to reimburse for the month of March working with no pay. I hope to do this for 3 months in order to not ask for too much at one time, and to be transparent. I hope the Masternode voters understand my commitment that I've been willing to keep working despite no pay at the time. I will obviously keep you all up to date as to my progress. Really excited to grow upwards and onwards.

My name is Dan. I’ve done a bunch of graphic design and marketing support in the background over the years. I’ve been around since the birth of PIVX and was a small part of its launch. I have been doing graphic design, illustration, and working with social media for businesses for about 9 years now. I have worked in NFT's as well throughout the last couple of years as an illustrator, graphic designer, and creative director.

My Website, Socials and Work with PIVX:
Website: https://hotchkissdesign.ca/
Behance: https://www.behance.net/danhotchkiss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanielBHotchkis
Portfolio & Work with PIVX: https://shorturl.at/jzSX5

Feel free to DM me on Discord or Twitter if you'd like. I go by Hawtch. You can find me in the PIVX Labs Discord as well - I post periodically.
1 Youtube video (15+ minutes)
- Simply, it's not about the video - it's about having content actively on the 2nd largest search engine on the internet - Youtube. We need movement on it to help with our SEO, get ourselves out there to be recognized/seen more, and to give the appearance to potential buyers that PIVX is moving and not stale - which our current Youtube gives that impression (0 videos in the last 6 months, 8 videos in the last 2 years, and 9 in the last 3 years). My point is it is wasted potential and I'd like to help with that, even just a bit.

4/week Youtube Shorts (15-30 seconds)
- These are quick and easy, but result in huge value, Youtube is owned by Google, pushing these out 4x a week shows Google's SEO engine that we are active and moving, thus it will start to prioritize us when people are searching Privacy coins.
- These are the equivelant to Tik Tok but for the 2nd biggest search engine - Youtube. They are quick, snappy, and simple to make, but have a huge impact.

1x Ad per month:
- One well researched designed ad on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and later Google/Youtube Paid Web Ads. The intention behind this is to create something that caters well to a target demographic like any big brand does, but the deeper intention is to start gaining an understanding of what our target market wants and learning to be more effective at reaching them. This is done by posting ads and reading the metrics of peoples responses. This is why a landing page or at the very least Google Analytics is necessary. The process of this is not just to post an image, but instead go fishing: put out multiple types of bait over time and learn WHERE the fishes bite and WHAT their favourite bait is.

Multiple Social Pages:
- Having a social page dedicated to outreach will help NOT MUDDY up our ads and outreach with the main social pages (get list in the various posts PIVX_Official does) - we would still tag and lead people there. It's intention is to be 100% outreach focused, not posting to PIVX community but to reach out to potential buyers. The end goal of our buyers/customers should be the website and our wallet, so in my opinion it's not a big deal. The current PIVX Core member, Meerkat, is too swamped to do much more than what she's currently doing (she has told me). On top of that, this job that I'm proposing to do is realistically the job of 5+ people. I would like to aim at building a team around me to specifically do external marketing, but currently I am just me.
- I would also like to eventually get this Twitter Verified (I can use my ID, it's fine), and pay to boost the ads we post.

Fastvertising ads:
- Fastvertising is very well done by people like Ryan Reynolds. It is a type of advertising that is an extremely quick response to events and news but still staying on brand with that companies Marketing/Company message. I would like to aim to do 3-4/month, depending on what comes up. After researching it, this can be a really efficient way to get ourselves out there and appear current/relevant.
- An excellent example is Ryan Reynold's quick snappy ads with various brands over the last couple years using his 'Deadpool' persona.

Premade Campaign Ads:
- Essentially I create ads that are ready to go on the chosen Brand and Message. This includes some premade Fastvertising ads, but I can change the text up real quick for speed.
- These are not just images, but researched images that convey an attractive message to it's viewers. It is intentionally researched through target market study.

Landing Page:
- This is will be a separate page of PIVX. This is used by every Big Brand and Marketing Campaign - the page either looks exactly like their home page, but in the URL it's clearly different or it is a page that contains a targeted graphic that reflects the ad you clicked on. These exist to reinforce the reason the viewer clicked on the ad, and also to contain Google Analytics in order to pull the data of who they are, where they came from, and what ad they pressed.
- Simply put, this will have Google Analytics and it will show us who is clicking on our ads from where, and we can use those metrics to understand the effectiveness of our ads. This page is also meant to have a strong Call to Action leading people to our site to Learn More, Buy, and Get Involved in the community. It is intended to be branded in the same styling as the Marketing campaign graphics.

This was your last months proposal outcomes. Looking over it you haven't really hit your goals? Can you give us a breakdown of what has been the problems and why haven't you created what you said you would on all previous proposals so far.
Hey Gerrald, that proposal was funding for this month we are currently in.

1 Youtube Vid
Currently have a scheduled interview with Jeffrey to then put into a Youtube video. I will begin posting these as soon as I acquire access to the Youtube account.

4/week Youtube Shorts (15-30 seconds)
LeacyMck and I are in the process of moving access over to me. I will begin posting these as soon as I acquire access to the Youtube account.

1x Ad per month:
This will be posted next week.
This is a simple ad while waiting for next month when I'm going to officially launch the campaign and boost the twitter posts. Most likely I will be posting more than one and this bleeds into Fastvertising.
I have also posted the "Just Bought ___ with PIVX" this last week and it's been going well so far. It's the giveaway I mentioned. We will be having a draw for the first wave of winners later today!

Multiple Social Pages:
I have been posting and maintaining the PIVX_Marketing Twitter page (https://twitter.com/PIVX_Marketing). I acquired the instagram PIVX_Marketing (https://www.instagram.com/pivx_marketing/). I will be starting to post once next week. Hopefully to coincide with the Youtube Shorts.

Fastvertising ads:
I have not done any fastvertising ads yet this month, but I am on the lookout for news and events that I could do this with. I will aim to put one out in the next 4-5 days. Any suggestions for news, btw would be splendid.

Premade Campaign Ads:
This has been going well. I've narrowed it down to one message and style. I am going to attach in comments, like I said in this original post - just haven't had the chance yet.
I will be ready to launch these and boost them on twitter beginning June 1st. I also other styles/designs I didn't choose for the campaign that I can use to make some extra side ads/fastvertising. It's like recycling ;)

Landing Page:
Now that I have the Campaign Ad message and style down, I will begin to make the landing page. I haven't been able to start until that was concluded. We are on schedule to have this done before the end of the month.

I appreciate you asking about these. I think the timelines get confusing when it comes to proposals - my proposal you are quoting was the one for this month's efforts.

As far as barriers, I'm not sure there are too many aside from the PIVX core team needing to meet and talk more, and the fact that I'm doing quite a bit. I am enjoying myself overall, though, and I am trying to grind almost every day to make it happen.
The work I have done and am working on currently. I will continue to update this post as the month goes on.

Also just figured out the Youtube. I am logged in now.


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Alright for Youtube Shorts and Videos, for the sake of ease I am going to record myself via my face or my voice reading out features with graphics.

I am still learning how to automate captions along with a style, and make visuals that match audio. In the meant time I'm doing this:
- Youtube Shorts of me reading out announcements and PIVX info
- Youtube Audio interview with Jeffrey
- Use past Twitter spaces as captioned clips
- Past graphics using the source files. This is a lot of work but will look really nice.

Youtube videos are taking a bit longer than expected. Apologies. It's alot of work. I will be starting to post Youtube Shorts this week and the first Youtube vid will be shortly after I have my audio interview with Jeffrey.
Hey @Gerrald and all the other MN owners.

I have been working hard, trying to get interactions and posting on PIVX Marketing.

The giveaways have been going well - interactions are growing and response is decent. I've created quarky little responses with the PIVX Paladin persona I have created.
It seems to have a decent response so far.
Landing page is on my next To-Do list, so I'm ready for the end of the month.

Last week I received ownership and responsibility for the PIVX Youtube channel from LeacyMck. I have begun the process of making videos, starting with intros and Youtube Shorts. It's definitely taking a bit longer than I expected, as I want to make sure that they aren't unprofessional. Once I get a hang of this, though, it will be much quicker.

I am making 4 different videos styles:
1. Voice overs using ads/graphics we have made.
2. Voice Interviews/Spaces with Profile Pictures animated (synced to audio) for visual interest.
3. I, Hawtch, will record myself in various spots. I figure I don't mind being a bit of a talking head like Snappy or Jeffrey.
4. Video Interviews, livestreams, podcasts.

Here's the WIP of the first Youtube Short. I wanted to start with something simple such as the Finsavvy Ad I made recently:

Lastly, I REALLY appreciate all constructive criticism and feedback. I strive to get better at what I am doing and I know that won't happen doing it all on my own!