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How to stake your PIVX


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1.) Make sure your wallet is completely setup and synchronized.
2.) The PIVX you have sent to your wallet needs to have a minimum of 600 confirmations
3.) In the PIVX Core client, click the LOCK icon and select Staking Only

4.) Enter your password and confirm.
5.) That's it your PIVX will now stake. and a successful staking reward will look something like this:


If you are using PIVX via CLI:
Simply navigate to where your PIVX-Daemon directory is and run the following command to unlock it for staking:
./pivx-cli walletpassphrase <passphrase> 0 true
To see if your your wallet is staking correctly you can run the following command after a few minutes to see if the status for staking is true:
./pivx-cli getstakingstatus

To get a rough estimate of your staking interest visit our rewards site: