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ICYMI / Navigating Financial Privacy in the Age of CBDCs / by SHORN


Active Pivian
CBDCs, the digital versions of a country’s regular currency, are making waves globally. CBDCs, backed by the central bank, aim to make finance more inclusive, simplify monetary policy enforcement, and securely bring the economy into the digital age. With the potential for faster transactions, lower costs, and easier tracking, CBDCs are a tempting proposition. And countries like China and the Bahamas have already started using them, with others, like the U.S., not far behind.

However, as we lean into this digital transition, we must also examine its implications for financial privacy. So, let’s consider the privacy impact of CBDCs and explore how PIVX may hold the key to a solution.


CONTINUE READING : https://medium.com/pivx/navigating-financial-privacy-in-the-age-of-cbdcs-f0cb95e57599