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Is there interest in the purchase of the zk.bitcoin web3 domain name?


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So I decided to post this in the "Budget & Governance Proposals" section of the PIVX forums, since both the contact forms didn't work for me (the one on PIVX returned an error, and the one on zkbitcoin.com labeled my message as spam.
Here is the message:

I purchased the unstoppable domain: zk.bitcoin (ud.me/zk.bitcoin) a couple of weeks ago, when 2-letter domain names became available for sale. Right now, 2-letter domains are not for sale anymore by unstoppable domains.

I purchased the domain because of the increased interest in zero-knowledge proofs. I remembered @zkbitcoin and zkbitcoin.com.

I was wondering if you were willing to buy “zk.bitcoin” to maybe use as a donation address since it supports over 300 crypto currencies and tokens, has over 800 integrations and more than a 1000 partners (including Binance.us).

You can also create a web3 website with it. Unstoppable domain websites currently work natively in Brave and Opera Browser, but need plugins to resolve in other browsers.

If you want you can make me an offer for the domain name, then you can contact me via the provided email-address or the community can reply Bia this forum, I'll check it every now and then.

I haven’t listed the domain name on Opensea yet, since I wanted to give you the chance to make an offer before anyone else. Also, we’re in a bear market, so I doubt there will be much interest anyways, right now, but every unstoppable domain you own for life. Which means, once you own it, it’s yours forever. No hidden fees or anything.

You can find more info about unstoppable domains on their website:

Yours faithfully,



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