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Draft Istanbul Blockchain Week


New Pivian
Hello Pivians

A Blockchain Week will be held in Istanbul in August 2024 and I want to attend this meeting for PIVX. Actually, I offered the same thing for Binanace, which will be released in November 2023, but I did not submit it to the offer because I did not receive support. I contacted a few people who will be attending this event this year and they said this event will help reach and expand the community. There I can meet participants face to face and tell them about Pivx. More than 10000 participants and many Turkish influencers will be there and I will be able to communicate with them. Among the sponsors of the event are many advanced companies, especially Binance. If we look at the past year, although I could not attend the entire Blockchain Week, I went to some events upon invitation and communicated and collaborated with different teams. You can see the details here ( https://blog.airdao.io/recap-of-airdao-friday-night-at-ritz-carlton-istanbul-38b4f54a60f4 ).

Since I do not live in Istanbul, my transportation, accommodation and event participation costs are equivalent to 12,000 pivx at the current pivx price.
Have you considered joining forces with @talhatr and see where you can fit in? My concern is that if you continue to work independently, there will be a lot of duplication of efforts, which is not efficient and sends a confusing message to the local community. Ideally, you could then fall under his proposals, and/or narrow the focus of yours.

Basically, your ideas are good - but for PIVX to have a successful Ambassador program, we need to build in consistent steps/actions/messaging (best practices) and there needs to be a Lead Ambassador to capture what works and what doesn't, to then communicate that knowledge to everyone. Plus, any marketing materials can be created by the Lead, and then translated by individual Ambassadors as required etc.

Otherwise, we will end up with 10 or 20 Ambassadors, all doing something different, and all being inefficient.

I agree with you on this issue, I will contact him soon and if he deems it appropriate, we will start working together for the Turkish community and I will also be more active on discord.