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Draft Istanbul Blockchain Week


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Hello Pivians

A Blockchain Week will be held in Istanbul in August 2024 and I want to attend this meeting for PIVX. Actually, I offered the same thing for Binanace, which will be released in November 2023, but I did not submit it to the offer because I did not receive support. I contacted a few people who will be attending this event this year and they said this event will help reach and expand the community. There I can meet participants face to face and tell them about Pivx. More than 10000 participants and many Turkish influencers will be there and I will be able to communicate with them. Among the sponsors of the event are many advanced companies, especially Binance. If we look at the past year, although I could not attend the entire Blockchain Week, I went to some events upon invitation and communicated and collaborated with different teams. You can see the details here ( https://blog.airdao.io/recap-of-airdao-friday-night-at-ritz-carlton-istanbul-38b4f54a60f4 ).

Since I do not live in Istanbul, my transportation, accommodation and event participation costs are equivalent to 12,000 pivx at the current pivx price.