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Ended Liquid369-Feb-Apr-24


Name: Liquid369-Feb-Apr-24
Term: 3 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 30,000
Total Amnt: 90,000
Author: Liquid369
Receiver: Liquid369
Address: DKzQLd2uCVbTEbScHnJUhnh8fiWFjLS6EK
Created: 02-07-2024
Status: Pending Submission
Vote Hash: 8ba54b13ca764d1ef10292f5ae32f01aa32007665df7286989c840e5262f03dc

Liquid369 Proposal

This proposal is going to outline what has been done as an update to users and what will be continued in the next portions. It outlines some ideas for users and the responsibilities entailed overall.

Last Proposal Report

- Starting production environment for RustyBlox Need a new server for production environment, with the speed and power we are aiming for we have outgrown our current servers.
- Starting API and Frontend work in regard to RustyBlox API update below and essentially complete, ties into the need for a more powerful server in order to handle what's necessary for MPW and other services.
- Preparing and reviewing for MPW/PIVX Core upcoming releases Exchange Address: Allows exchanges to have transparent only deposit addresses for various forms of their needed compliance. https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/pull/2895, Shield is finally merged in MPW.
- Created a Quark hashing module for RustyBlox for early chain data

- Asynchronous codebase update
- Preparing and configuring testnet servers for data analysis, and testing potential interim release and new/upcoming features Basic setup is done but needs to migrate from this older server to a newer one now.
API near complete for RustyBlox, next stage is a larger server to finalize the testing and moving to frontend work!
The first set of endpoints with `/v1` and `/v2` are to be drop ins for our blockbook instances, while the others are for extending api availability for other data on chain.
- With all these I have also been assisting in integrations with our new services, exchanges and partners. Such as Gate.io, betaltcoins and upcoming listings.


- Maintaining PIVX Core and Repositories under PIVX-Project organization
- Coordinating between Core and Labs
- Reviewing and testing code submissions in both Core and Labs (organization rules is 2 approvals and reviews needed for anything to be merged from non-authors)
- Research and improve current code for optimizations
- Research and improve backports for our perpetual updating to BTC Core
- Maintain networking infrastructure and build some analytics
- Maintain explorer servers
- Supporting Community/Exchanges/Services/DEX all in technical regards for PIVX
- Coordinating with Marketing to bring accurate technical representations and promotions for PIVX development
- Maintaining regtest network servers for testing and infrastructure for others to use in testing new features
- Maintaining testnet network servers for testing and infrastructure for wider community testing features and new implementations
- Making overall PIVX Core development updates
- Maintaining ElectrumX servers for DEX's
- Coordinating with Business Development to ensure smooth and timely listings

What is Next?

- Finalizing 5.6.0 to remain in good standing with Binance and then working with Business Development into getting onto exchanges in markets we are not in or were once closed off to.
- Mempool updates from upstream for enhancing our services and better 'pending transaction' handling
- Frontend work for RustyBlox, I have some basic designs and it will be done in Vue.js, hopefully planning to get some image work from our fantastic graphic designers we have on hand now.
- Moving infra to a larger dedicated server, that will also host RustyBlox the new PIVX explorer, I am submitting a secondary proposal to pay for the server costs, I have done extensive research for making this as cheap as possible.
- This proposal should get us to "MVP" status for RustyBlox with continuous updating moving forward to bring it to a more powerful frontend.


Qt GUI wallet users can use the built in DAO page to cast their votes.

For console users, use one of the below commands.

To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many 8ba54b13ca764d1ef10292f5ae32f01aa32007665df7286989c840e5262f03dc yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many 8ba54b13ca764d1ef10292f5ae32f01aa32007665df7286989c840e5262f03dc no
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any updates on this rusty blox?
I have been sick a few days last week, I am working on the basic design and layout for all the information for the explorer. I have completed the api endpoints necessary to support all blockbook apis and extra for data other services too like masternode data etc.
Before that was working everything for the update and making sure all services and exchanges went smoothly. I will try to do some mockups soon. I will start needing to get some graphics done soon and am seeing who we can find for those things, as the main graphics people are very busy as of late. My plan is they will refresh my frontend work to align with the PIVX brand.
Any updates?
Indeed! Not so much on the front end because that's something that takes a lot. Design and such are never too quick and easy, trying to get a decent setup where others can make it better.
Aside from that trying to get some fixes up for the API because the team has asked for API Adjustments to meet problems they are finding with block book and ways to improve the sync for MPW. Some of these things are recent issues we have started to face in updates and improvements made for MPW.
We are expanding the API and going to set up a secondary instance for some testing to see if it's capable of handling what I designed it for. Then we can adjust and handle it from there. Maybe next week the second instance will be available for the guys to start testing in small bits. While I work on building the rest and they can give me feedback on meeting their needs.
How long until a basic version not fancied up by some graphic person?
Im not sure, this is why I am getting more testing on the API hopefully next week with the second instance. It will make sure the backend is meeting the needs and then while anything that can be found I can fix while working on frontend things. Trying to assess where all the current work stands for usability for us.

We have some mempool updates to bring to Core as well that should bring some more features that were requested and wanted by bizdev/services. This way we can make a more robust app for MPW and for services to have the data they want to make everything faster.

While ideas are great, execution takes time. We are building and finding new things and better ways to tackle the data than before we started.
Ultimately we will end up with better services in the end.

While trying to continually push this there are other duties that do have to be done. I am in the processes of vetting new developers, interviewing, meetings with dev team, labs, across depts, assisting in bizdev and integrations. Working with services for what they want to see done so we can get more to leverage from them. PIVX is growing at an exponential pace that we need to have more coordination between everyone for things to continue to run smoothly.

I will work towards getting a MVP frontend out hopefully next few weeks. And we will build on-top slowly from there moving forward. I just want more testing to the apis stability before saying to people “starting using the explorer!”