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Ended Liquidity Boost Jun-Nov 2021


Title: Liquidity Boost Jun-Nov 2021
Name: LB-MBD-JunNov2021
Term: 6 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 600 PIV
Total Amount: 3600 PIV
Author: Jakiman, Ambassador, SnappySnap
Receiver: Ambassador
Address: DPL4keBbxcWvzRd8Mw53kC4mcnh7hDJNSj
Created: 10th Jun, 2021
Status: Active


This proposal is virtually identical to the existing 4th Marketing Fund Proposal May-Oct 2021.

PIVX, as a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency with Masternodes, is naturally having lower trading fees on exchanges compared to the Proof of Work cryptocurrencies. Because of that, PIVX does need a support to boost the trading volumes on many exchanges, including Binance.

This proposal is aiming to continuously burn 100% of the funds every cycle in order to support the liquidity and volume on Binance for PIVX/BTC and PIVX/ETH trading pairs. To achieve it, Autonio Market Maker and Hummingbot are the market makers that will be used all the time with very low spread of only 0.10% until the funds are entirely burned.

Receiving address for this additional proposal is the same receiving address as it is for the PIVX Marketing Fund from the main proposal.

Lastly, we would like to encourage the PIVX community once again to contribute to the PIVX Marketing Fund even with the small donations. Every single PIV donated helps and may speed up the things significantly.

We would like to thank everyone for your support and trust in us, we will do our absolute best and make sure every PIV from the Marketing Fund will be spent in the best possible way for the benefit of everyone in the PIVX community. Thank you very much!


To vote yes:

mnbudgetvote many 7dcac8553e17251ef0619d5259023a21e6347d367c139d4fd35acf544bbd55b6 yes

To vote no:

mnbudgetvote many 7dcac8553e17251ef0619d5259023a21e6347d367c139d4fd35acf544bbd55b6 no
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