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Name: LMP - Brand Design
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 15,000
Total Amount: 15,000
Author: Formless Labs - YuurinBee
Receiver: Formless Labs - YuurinBee
Address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb
Created: 18/10/23
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 2624b9c9a4d7378ceb7b75ad437246e5d7030f673ce52ccc0e1d907c767b9b65

Proposal Overview
This proposal is for the design and development of two new products in the PIVX Ecosystem to make them more suitable for the market and help to reduce any frontend user friction. Both of these products are PIVCards Platform and MPW v2.0 - MyPIVXWallet v2.0, created by PIVX Labs.

This proposal is for Formless Labs (YuurinBee) responsible for the PIVX Brand Revision in 2020 (https://www.behance.net/gallery/108283823/PIVX-Brand-Revision-(2020)), PIVX website contributor, PIVX Core contributor, and long-standing ally.

  • Logos for both PIVCards & MyPIVXWallet.
  • - Includes optimized .svg files for web use & future brand application.
  • - Consistent design for all products to be recognizable within the PIVX ecosystem, similar to how Google Suite has a list of platforms, apps, and tools that are easily recognizable in the Google Ecosystem.

  • UX/UI Testing for PIVCards & MyPIVXWallet.
  • UX/UI Frontend Improvements for PIVCards & MyPIVXWallet.
  • - Includes custom icons that will be added to a PIVX Asset Library and usable for any necessary purpose or platform within the PIVX Ecosystem (Core Wallet, Website, Web Apps, Marketing Images, Discord Emojis, etc.)

  • Marketing Display Graphics to showcase the latest developments for both PIVCards & MyPIVXWallet.


Estimated Timeframe
  • 1-2 Months

Final Notes
PIVX Payment can be received after the work is completed is signed off by PIVX Labs in one cycle of 15,000 PIVX (~$2735.48)


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Thanks for sharing this PIVX Labs and inviting me to get back involved with PIVX. Cheers, Eric! Long time no see. Happy to contribute what I can, but all thanks should go to JSKitty for always pulling me back in haha!
Bee has done a SERIOUSLY huge amount of designs, material, themes, and UX work this last two weeks... much of it will be revealed at the launch of PIVCards Platform on October 30, keep your eyes peeled. 👀
Oh Happy Days! Seeing you and Kitty together again, has made my month. :) YAYYYY! 💜
Leacy!! Good to touch base again hehe. I've got somethings for you very soon in the next few days for PIVX social media as well. Thanks for the warm welcome "back" and yes, all thanks go to Kitty... as per it always goes hehe.

I can't wait to share what we've been working on... absolutely loving it and such a power team at PIVX Labs!
Just to share with you all the latest designs and frontend work we've done for PIVCards. :cool:


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Oops, did I overdeliver? :ROFLMAO:


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