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Archived LMP: Ledger Fix


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Name: LMP - Ledger Fix
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 500
Total Amnt: 500
Author: Duddino, Sandude, JSKitty
Receiver: Duddino
Address: DShxa9sykpVUYBe2VKZfq9dzE8f2yBbtmg
Created: 26-01-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 0add5a07f5a5d67260d66eb0f694e30858aa25b14cbc141d3fe658a6f0fefff9

Project updated:

My PIVX Wallet (MPW)

Pull Request: https://github.com/PIVX-Labs/MyPIVXWallet/pull/74

What issues does this proposal address?

MyPIVXWallet's Ledger integration isn't properly working due to a library being updated during the switch to Webpack. This proposal simply fixes the problem so that MyPIVXWallet may be used with Ledger again.

What features or improvements were added?

None, this is a simple bug fix.

How does this benefit users?

Once the bug is fixed, Ledger owners will be able to use MyPIVXWallet again.
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