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Archived LMP: MPW - View only mode


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Name: MPW - View only mode
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 2,000
Total Amnt: 2,000
Author: Duddino, Sandude, JSKitty
Receiver: Duddino
Address: DShxa9sykpVUYBe2VKZfq9dzE8f2yBbtmg
Created: 23-12-2022
Status: Active
Vote Hash: e7ff3e081cd3e884d3d8538dd0a3f5148b0d375566b5890a5a72b4e845c343f3

What is the "LMP" in the title?

It stands for Labs Micro-Proposal: a type of bounty reward and/or payment done via the DAO towards a developer; authorised, vetted and approved by the Labs team, LMPs are written and maintained by our writer Sandude, with assistance from the developer and/or party the reward is for, and finally revised by JSKitty prior to DAO submission.
Authors are who wrote the LMP, and Receiver is who the LMP is directed towards (along with their address, Labs does NOT interfere with funds, it is a direct DAO-to-Developer model).

Project updated:

My PIVX Wallet (MPW)

Pull Request: https://github.com/PIVX-Labs/MyPIVXWallet/pull/52

What issues does this proposal address?

Users need to input their password every time they open the wallet in order to unlock it. This makes it inconvenient and time consuming for them to check their balance or use the wallet in general.

What features or improvements were added?

This update adds the ability to import addresses (and xpubs), infinitely derive addresses from a locked HD Wallet, delete private keys from your wallet and re-import them if they were encrypted with a password (i.e. locking the wallet). If the user had previously encrypted their wallet, they will access MPW in view only mode, and they will be able to unlock or lock the wallet at any time without needing a full restart of the application.

How does this benefit users?

Both time-saving and convenience. It is very useful for the user to be able to lock/unlock their wallet and view it without having to input their password.
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