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Name: LMP - PIVCards
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 10,000
Total Amnt: 10,000
Author: Luke, JSKitty
Receiver: Luke, PIVX Labs
Address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb
Created: 11-10-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 706c5d1747663d77865fae428ec4172966ca4524096d695ade986c1cadc39ad9

Proposal Abstract
This proposal is aimed to cover the finalisation development of PIVCards Platform v1.0, by developer Luke, the full release of PIVCards, in which the platform will have a full web-based variant alongside the Discord Integration, as well as fully automatic dispatch, vastly dropping the average delivery time, without human intervention necessary.

This proposal, if deadlines fall as expected, should be the final PIVCards-specific proposal, given this work intends to move PIVCards to a fully autonomous infrastructure, allowing us to move some developer focus back to other services like MyPIVXWallet, PIVX.Poker, and others that may come to fruition from the additional manpower accrued.

Progress Report
After a month of work, the first ever code-automated PIVCards purchase was completed; this is the largest barrier PIVCards faced as a platform previously, as the previous manual maintenance, although minimised, was still too large to make scaling PIVCards easy, and also introduced possible security issues, alongside large delivery-time variations, this autonomy will remove all of these issues, making PIVCards an exceptionally low-cost, low-maintenance, user-friendly platform to use PIV reliably in day-to-day life.

With this system, PIVCards needs to run full-nodes for both PIVX and Bitcoin, over the week, a full node of PIVX Core and a full node of Bitcoin Core were both successfully synchronised, this leaves us with the final pieces; integrating these new RPCs in to the system, allowing PIVCards to autonomously swap PIVX to Bitcoin using ChangeNOW, then expending Bitcoin to fulfil orders from our supply vendors (of which, may expand in the future if prospects work out).

An image of our recently fully-synced Bitcoin Core logs

Proposal Plans (Rough Roadmap)
To start off with a fun leak: the PIVCards Platform v1.0 deadline is October 30th, so prepare your wallets... a spend-fest of real-world usecases is coming.

Now to the details, PIVCards v1.0 consists of finishing the automation modules, integrating Bitcoin Core and writing code to allow the Order Engine to manage the Bitcoin 'liquidity pool' in order to keep dispatch as fast and speedy as possible, and adjusting the Order Engine to take Bitcoin fees in to account, the slight misfortune with automating PIVCards is that the platform will have to deal with moving mainnet Bitcoin, and these fees must be offset per-order - we'll announce any fee changes as we adjust the platform, but it's primarily a balance between Speed and Fees (slower dispatch at a cheaper cost, or super-speedy delivery at a convenience cost - perhaps we can let the user decide this too, but then that adds additional complexity and workload to our dev team, can't have your cake and eat it, eh?).

Although this sounds somewhat complex, it is primarily "glue-work" and a handful of logical engine changes, hooking modules together that we've already built over the past month, let's dive in...

  1. Integrate Bitcoin Core: Bitcoin Core will be integrated with PIVCards to autonomously manage dispatch payments without human intervention.
  2. Adjust Order Engine: Since Bitcoin will add extra fees on our behalf, we'll need to offset these fees with orders - we'll find the least intrusive way of doing this, but it is a challenge of Speed vs Cost.
  3. Prepare the Web Platform: PIVCards' API system was written fairly hastily, and will need a small rewrite to ensure all our clients (Web, Discord, etc) integrate smoothly, so we'll perform some API future-proofing and integration testing.
  4. Launch PIVCards v1.0: Once tested by our Quality Control team, PIVCards v1.0 will launch; both the Web and Discord variants will deploy at the same time, for the world to gaze eagerly upon PIVX's vast sea of real-world usecases.
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Just want to say that I've loved the idea of PIVCards from the get go, and have used it a few times to varying degrees of "success" (success being a measurement of turnaround/completion time). You explained to me early on that the dispatcher was not yet fully integrated/automated, which was well within reason.

I look forward to seeing this functionality become more mature, automated, and user friendly going forward! A webUI front end will also greatly (IMHO) benefit the feature, so am really happy to see that on the list of things to be done.