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Archived LMP - PIVX.org


Name: LMP - PIVX.org
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 20,000
Total Amnt: 20,000
Author: Kyeno, Meerkat
Receiver: Kyeno, Meerkat
Address: DMzMoKiEi32bhmbuLkRSupur3HMzdDxKrc
Created: 2023-11-16
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 6ccd74e68898311b62ab6026297332cd5f7a5dc4991076aa560d117cd080e2b0


Driven by intense discussions and suggestions that happened on the previous thread about PIVX.org refresh - we're hereby posting a new and updated thread with a new and updated proposal.


This proposal is targeted ONLY towards the current PIVX.org refresh and does not tackle with any other scopes of work; Labz or outside of it.
It also takes in account suggestions about the budget being-or-not-being able to afford certain services, thus it massively scales down the requested compensation in PIVs yet without really cutting down on the engagement time or precise tasks at hand (f.e., truly focusing not just on documentation, but the whole deployment setup). @Jeffrey 's work on increasing the price-per-piv as well as @Eric_Stanek 's suggestion about the habit of "underestimating tasks" are both golden ones.
Also, quoting Eric again: 1 PIV = 1 PIV.

What we propose NOW (LMP, "one time"):​

1. All that UI/UX and "focus" updates that were mentioned within previous proposal a few times, that is:
- "Claiming" MPW the official "light wallet" for PIVX and putting some design emphasis on that. Include PIVcards here too.
- Flagging old/improper White Paper obsolete; switching emphasis on the new/updated one.
- Adding focus/integration to official 'micro-sites' like docs.PIVX.org and toolbox.pivx.org.
- Showcasing 3rd party sites like pivx.poker, Travala and CoinsBee.
2. Slightly updating/securing the stack, that is:
- Updating the entire tech stack at least to the "latest stable possible" (considering outdated core) versions of both server daemons and Symfony + Node packages
- Fixing a few of existing bugs or things mistreated by the server migration alone
3. Writing more in-depth documentation about deployment/modification (+ consulting with in-depth instructions to interested parties; like @Liquid369)
4. Providing customized .deb packages and some automation scripts for deployment/migration of the whole thing + potentially setting up/hosting PIVX's own Debian PPA for that reason

What we can propose in the future (LRP, "periodical"):​

1. Necessary updates/fixes to keep up with the "message" that PIVX brings out to the world
2. Social media graphics or other kind of graphics if needed be
3. Revamping the site structure to truly improve the message a regular bread consumes
4. Evolving and improving the site programmaticly, adding new features or modifying the current ones; that may include reprogramming the CMS backend for admin convenience
5. Further improving the deployment techniques (Docker? Kubernetes? Various cloud platforms?)
6. Providing technical consultancy regarding design, UI/UX trends and standards, SEO, web development and design, programmatic dillemas, and NIX-based operating systems

What we DO NOT propose and where we WILL NOT take part in:​

1. Any discussions, debates or decision making process of any kind; including migration to other technologies, platforms, stacks and whatnot.
2. Working with unfamiliar, obscure technologies.

Please keep in mind that we are service providers trained and experienced in particular stacks (and those stacks have proven to run in elegant, performant and downtime-less manner for you and many other clients for years).
We are not politicians.
We both refrained from the community/discord admin roles a long time ago.
We can provide technical consultancy in various aspects of Information Technology and Computer Science when asked for, but this is where that scope ends.
Please have the passionate disputes elsewhere.

Thanks in advance! 💜


To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many 6ccd74e68898311b62ab6026297332cd5f7a5dc4991076aa560d117cd080e2b0  yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many 6ccd74e68898311b62ab6026297332cd5f7a5dc4991076aa560d117cd080e2b0 no
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Yep, still working on docs and devops stuff while Meerkat works on the Images.
Soon we'll move to website updates.
Documentation wise:



Some work-in-progress screenshots of the docs.
DevOps wise:

Some mini-tool I've built to help getting the dependencies for .deb packages right: get-depends-string.py


Two VMs with identical base-setup to our production and staging servers. One to build proper Debian-based packages, other to test installs on "fresh" machine, wipe it clean, rinse, repeat.
Also please mind that I am not putting out another proposal this cycle, so even if I'm a bit late to deliver - I won't be asking anything extra for my overtime on this. Sorry for this, but I lost almost 2 first weeks of this cycle due to the darn COVID infection. Vis major. :(

Meerkat's (or our shared) parts will be delivered within days though.

I reached certain personal "milestone" on this now and I can safely switch focus from DevOps to WebDev to accompany her there.