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Archived LMP - PIVX.Poker


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Name: LMP - PIVX.Poker
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 10,000
Total Amount: 10,000
Author: Luke, JSKitty
Receiver: Luke, PIVX Labs
Address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb
Created: 14-09-23
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 12bca407e0cd5b38bcb727a0060e95ba5ac466de9b860e4359fb799ce4005532

Downvote! Poker funding will be delayed and re-submitted next cycle to preserve budget!

Proposal Abstract
This is a proposal put forward by PIVX Labs to obtain funding for the maintenance, and further development of the PIVX Poker platform.

Given a priority shift at PIVX Labs, PIVX.Poker is receiving slightly less funding than previously, while efforts are moved towards more anticipated services such as PIVCards and MyPIVXWallet, it is however continuing to progress in becoming easier to play, far more stable, and with new PIVX-specific features like SHIELD support, that bring PIVX.Poker ahead of any other Poker website available. 🔥



Previous Proposal's Transparency Report:
With the funding obtained from the prior PIVX Poker Proposal, Luke accomplished the following improvements and additions to PIVX.Poker, here's a polished transcript of his report:
  • System Fixes: The referral system is now functioning correctly. Several fixes have also been applied to avatars and other user features, which were previously not operational.
  • SHIELD Privacy Protocol: The platform now supports both SHIELD deposits and SHIELD withdrawals for private Poker sessions. Users can choose to deposit using either a Public (Transparent) address or a Private (SHIELD) address, or withdraw to either of these addresses as well.
  • Discord Notification System: The platform now notifies the "@Poker PIVians" role in the Labs Discord whenever new Poker sessions open. Each notification details the specifics of each game and includes a "Quick Join" button, enhancing the community gaming experience. This feature has significantly increased community games, resulting in larger tables when sessions are initiated.
  • Several UI updates: To freshen up the website's appearance, landing pages now feature an animated background to create a more vibrant site ambiance, while text, fonts, buttons, and more have been modified. A lot of my ideas were inspired by the Poker Design images shared by sh__n, with helpful suggestions from others. Hopefully, these changes will render the website more modern, appealing, and dynamic.
  • Basic security audit: I have reviewed the server code and am fairly confident of its security, at least for now. However, it would be beneficial to have another set of eyes evaluate this if anyone is available.
  • Front-end audit: Although this might not be an exhaustive examination, it allowed me to understand the front-end better from the previous PIVX Poker developers. As a result, I could document several quirks and necessary changes to aid the website's migration or alteration.

New Proposal Plans (Rough Roadmap):
  1. Tournament System Integration: One of my significant projects involves the integration of a tournament system. It's anticipated to be a considerable task given the complexity required to finalize it.
  2. Developer On-boarding & System Improvements: Subsequently, I plan to introduce a comprehensive refactor that will facilitate the on-boarding process for developers and enhance the quality of my work in various areas of the system.
  3. User Interface Enhancement: In addition, I aim to improve the user interface. My goal is to focus on visual presentation, especially the rendering of the table and other features, to ensure they function seamlessly on different platforms.
  4. Daily Tournaments: I intend to include daily tournaments as part of my offerings. However, this initiative will require funding to cater to the prize pools (part of this proposal may cover said prize pools, if so, it will be reported on).
  5. Admin System Revamp: Finally, I will concentrate on revamping the existing administrative system, to make operating PIVX Poker easier and more scalable for the Labs team. My plans include eliminating the use of outdated software, specifically Python 2.6/2.7.

Allocation of Funds and General Purpose
The funds that this proposal aims to obtain would be used to remunerate all the people involved with the development of PIVX Poker, and finance all costs. More specifically, the funds would pay:
  • Luke, the main developer.
  • A front-end developer, likely BreadJS (in the previous cycle - Luke was the only dev to work on the UI, but this is still reserved in-case he needs further design assistance).
  • Costs such as hosting, marketing, and any other unforeseen costs derived from the development of the platform.
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