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Archived LMP: Transfer Menu


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Name: LMP - Transfer Menu
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 4,000
Total Amnt: 4,000
Author: BreadJS, Sandude, JSKitty
Receiver: BreadJS
Address: DDS5v6mPqUN3rdzkp3268LV7TKjHCZqy8c
Created: 05-03-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 66faa39a6e1a5b54bf210c42e9641fb8845393c6daadeae885ea81a568d77e1c

Project updated:

My PIVX Wallet (MPW)

Pull Request: https://github.com/PIVX-Labs/MyPIVXWallet/pull/89

This proposal is a continuation of another one posted last month, as work on MPW's redesign continues:


What issues does this proposal address?

MPW's design needs improvement and is not sufficiently responsive on many devices. This is the second proposal dedicated to the development of a new design for MPW. In this one, we propose a new design for the Send menu, and other minor changes.

What features or improvements were added?

The main improvement will be the new transfer menu, but there are also other changes to the design coming with this proposal:
  1. New Transfer menu
    • Completely mobile-friendly, designed for MPW's mobile-native Progressive-Web-App (PWA).
    • The new menu pops up when clicking on the Send button
    • Simple, sleek design (removed the advanced features for now, they will be added back in a future PR)
    • Removed Send menu from navigation bar
  2. Other changes
    • Removing dotted outline on textboxes
    • Changed Dashboard height to remove empty space
    • Added an extra medium size button
How does this benefit users?

Better design and improved responsiveness will make using MPW a more pleasant experience, which will help attract more users. The new Transfer menu is simpler, more intuitive, and looks better.
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