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Archived LMP: Web Developer


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Name: LMP: Web Developer
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 10,000
Total Amnt: 10,000
Author: BreadJS, Sandude
Receiver: BreadJS
Address: DDS5v6mPqUN3rdzkp3268LV7TKjHCZqy8c
Created: 17-08-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: c17f9e2e9bee474d0a6f178d90b82dc91f0388fe41674bc1d719117830b0327e

Project updated:

My PIVX Wallet (MPW)

Pull Requests:



Work in progress:


What issues does this proposal address?

This proposal is one of a series of LMPs put forward by BreadJS as part of the complete redesign of every page on MPW. MPW was not very responsive; particularly on mobile and other devices, and lacked a good design. The intent is to redesign MPW to improve it visually and make it as responsible as possible on all devices.

The purpose of this proposal is to reward the work done by the developer BreadJS. This month, his work was focused around the 3 PRs that we mentioned before. Two of them are still work in progress.

What features or improvements were added?

The main two PRs are still being worked on, and include the new design of two MPW pages: "navigation sidebar" and "wallet load create".

The new Navigation Sidebar page has the following new features and characteristics:
  • Cleaner and more responsive UI
  • Added all existing navigation items including status icons
  • Added Copy Wallet icon
  • Beautiful animations
The new Wallet Load Create page has the following new features and characteristics:
  • New and redesigned layout
  • New animations
  • Advanced mode
  • Responsive on mobile devices
Additionally, BreadJS created the design for a new slider made by JSKitty. The new slider adds a new Display customisation setting, "Balance Decimals", which allows the user to customise the decimals displayed by their wallet. The wallet UI was adjusted to neatly include this feature without harming the UI flow.

With the slider you can set the number of decimals from 0 to 8, with 0 disabling them completely. Font sizes adjust with the number of decimals so that they never overflow, and a new "number beautifier" function allows to adjust the opacity and font size of decimal numbers.

How does this benefit users?

Better design and UX that makes the MPW on-boarding process easier for new users. In particular these new pages will make it significantly better to use MPW on mobile, as all redesigns have a strong emphasis on improving responsiveness on all devices.
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