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Title: Lead of Business Development04
Name: BusinessDev04
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 23,000
Total Amount: 69,000
Author: Jeffrey
Receiver: Jeffrey
Address: DJwCJmWqUpjibrVKPSJKkj3jMGMudH8Ywk
Status: Active
Vote Hash: c9d21ceebad081132868f3a32e34a868008c78ef4a4b653844b2e0415c28b3ce

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Hello everyone,

This proposal is a continuation / renewal of my previous proposal found here. This proposal aims to renew and fund my official role as the lead of business development for PIVX for an additional 3 months. I have officiated this role now for almost 1 year and throughout I have helped PIVX achieve new heights in the form of being at an all time high for the amount of exchanges we are listed on as well as USDT pairs. I have been established as a key player and representative of PIVX amongst exchanges and companies and will continue to leverage this position to bring PIVX to new heights.

My roles will remain the same in which I, Jeffrey will be the main representative and signor of any contracts and agreements between PIVX and the company in question.
As we embark on another cycle, I want to reaffirm my commitment to the role I play as the main representative and signatory for PIVX in our engagements with various companies. It is a responsibility I take seriously, and I am dedicated to ensuring that our agreements and contracts reflect the best interests of PIVX.

In addition to my ongoing duties of handling KYC requirements and documentation for future and current expansions such as exchange listings I am excited to share that this cycle will see us addressing a critical issue within the PIVX ecosystem – liquidity and reach. As we progress through and achieve the Gate and MEXC listings, I look forward to unveiling my strategies to tackle this challenge. All of your support throughout this year has been invaluable, I appreciate each one of you for being part of this journey with me. All of your encouragement and suggestions motivates me to give my best in building positive relationships for PIVX, relationships that not only benefit us but also everyone involved. It's a collective effort, and I am truly grateful and honored for all the trust you have all placed in me by having me represent this amazing project as the lead of business development.

Moreover, I want you to know that I am committed to continuous research and market monitoring. Identifying areas where PIVX can improve is a priority for me. By staying vigilant and making informed decisions, I aim to guide PIVX towards growth in all sectors. Such example of this is an exchange only address that will allow the exchanges that aren't legally allowed to add privacy coins to add PIVX as these exchange only addresses will only permit transparent/default transactions.

Without further adieu,

Accomplishments/Tasks these past 3 months:

  • Binance USDT pair
  • Binance adds isolated and cross margin pairs for PIVX (5x) first ever margin contracts for PIVX
  • Binance adds PIVX to Binance Pay p2p
  • WhiteBit adding USDT
  • Market Making and liquidity added to Binance using Armada Labs
  • ChangeHero AMA
  • Hummingbot campaign renewed and free HBot added
  • NonKYC USDT pair
  • NonKYC full shield deposit support
  • XT.com PIVX USDT pair listing
  • NOWwallet integrates PIVX for non-custodial storage
  • ArcticWallet integrates PIVX for non-custodial storage
  • FinchPay adds PIVX allowing you to buy PIVX using credit card (Up top 500 EUR KYC free)
  • ChangeNow + NowPayments full support of shield addresses
  • Gate.io listing - ongoing pending new funding
  • MEXC listing - ongoing (signing documents)
  • BetAltcoins - ongoing (building PIVX deposits)
  • Continous updating of PIVX on CMC and Coingecko for exchanges etc
  • PIVX x Make IT market making contract on Whitebit established
  • Upkeep of relationships with partners etc.

My tasks / responsibilities: (Same as prior proposal)

  • Represent PIVX officially by being KYC compliant with exchanges and organizations that require so.
  • Identifying and pursuing potential business partnerships that will benefit PIVX and the community.
  • Facilitating communication between businesses and the community to provide transparency and allow for decision making on all partnerships and listings to be a community decision.
  • Participating in online events that will promote PIVX (Certain companies may require PIVX representation in online events, I will attend these and promote PIVX as required)
  • Continuous competitor analysis, I aim to be aware of all ongoing activities of our competitors and just the market in general so that I can identify ways in which we can differentiate what we offer or perhaps improve.
  • Most importantly, I will be responsible for managing the relationships with our partnerships and exchanges.
  • Get PIVX listed on additional exchanges (Open new proposals for exchange fee once applicable)
  • I will be focusing on identifying potential marketing campaigns in collaboration with our alliances and partners to bring about benefits for PIVX and effectively introduce PIVX to a larger audience.
  • Build PIVX outside the PIVX community
  • Research and maintain relationships with market makers to assist with securing exchange listings and bringing necessary liquidity.


For this round I will be asking for a 23 000 PIVX every cycle for 3 cycles bringing it to a total of 69 000 PIVX which will be used to fund my position as a full time staff member in PIVX as the business development manager.

I will not be asking for the 50 PIV in submission and processing fees to be reimbursed.

Voting Details:

To Vote YES for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many c9d21ceebad081132868f3a32e34a868008c78ef4a4b653844b2e0415c28b3ce yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many c9d21ceebad081132868f3a32e34a868008c78ef4a4b653844b2e0415c28b3ce no