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Archived LRP: Duddino


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Name: LRP - Duddino
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 25,000
Total Amnt: 25,000
Author: Sandude, Duddino
Receiver: Duddino
Address: DShxa9sykpVUYBe2VKZfq9dzE8f2yBbtmg
Created: 04-02-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: e9e3f0c43ae19b4bb65b9e86c5d6a32261ed0af4e6cc0e33d9a6c8ca0ba604e5

About Duddino

This is a proposal to upgrade Duddino's status in PIVX Labs to full-time, as he has so far made great contributions to the MyPIVXWallet codebase, and we would like him to continue doing so in the long run.

What has Duddino done so far?

Duddino has made a total of 13 pull requests on the MyPIVXWallet Github, including high priority ones such as the switch to Webpack, and the addition of HD + bip39 seed phrase support. You can check a full list of his pull requests here:


What will Duddino continue to do if this proposal succeeds?

Duddino's work will be focused on making MPW a feature-rich and stable piece of software that people can rely on. In the future, Duddino will continue working on the following aspects of MPW:

  • Implementation of shielded transactions, in cooperation with Alessandro Rezzi. This is in relation to LRP Shield and DMNs, published a few days ago: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/lrp-shield-dmns.1292/
  • Filling feature holes, like for instance, Masternode support on Ledger.
  • Adding tests to avoid regressions.
  • Implementation of any other features that the Labs team, PIVX community and Duddino himself find necessary.
  • Other supplementary contributions such as bug fixing, and tidying up the code.
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