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Name: LRP - JSKitty
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 25,000
Total Amount: 75,000
Author: JSKitty
Receiver: JSKitty
Address: DBb4A3VZ1N7ao9T9cj1PLeLaYRUYRW2cR8
Created: 06-03-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: da0ce9a86ea79e93ab1268c8d2e03a358b8203dfe301ca20fe3965f785505a35

Hello curious PIVian or Labsian!

I'm JSKitty
- Full-time Project Lead of the PIVX Labs team, and collaborator at PIVX Core.
Who is this? Click to get up-to-date on my last proposal.

This is my seventh proposal, in the form of an LRP (Labs Recurring Proposal) to renew my perpetual position in continuing to push PIVX to the next level.

I am the Project Lead of PIVX Labs, as well as a full-time developer for MyPIVXWallet.org, PIVCards and now PIVX Rewards - I manage the networking of Labs, assist in marketing efforts with both the PIVX Core marketing team and the growing Labs independent marketing team, as well as cultivating the Community Development sector of PIVX to assist small aspiring leaders or developers to build their PIVX projects to their full potential.

What have I done in these last cycles?
These three cycles started off fairly slowly, last year's heavy workload left a couple months of burnout upon me, but since the beginning of 2024 it's been tapering off and productivity is getting to nominal again, this is the first month of being able to focus 100% on building at Labs, similarly to the birth of PIVCards v1.0. 🙏

Let's dive in to my responsibilities below.

  • MyPIVXWallet Development
As of the last few months, my work on MPW has dropped drastically, while Duddino and Alessandro Rezzi have been doing mammoth-sized refactoring, SHIELD integration, and rewrites throughout the entire app; admittedly, this means "modern" MPW is getting a little unfamiliar to me, I am not sufficient in my Vue.js knowledge yet, nor do I have deep cryptographic knowledge, so in their realm, those two have been carrying the torch of MPW this last three cycles, nearly exclusively, huge thanks to them, upvote them! 🙏 🔥

The largest amount of work was actually in the SHIELD Quality Control process: SHIELD was very difficult to get to a 'user-friendly' state, and even now our design for SHIELD is not finished, however, with many deep weeks of directing SHIELD QC testing and ensuring the UX was good enough for launch, we decided v1.5.0 would host the very first Light SHIELD implementation. 🔥

That aside, here are my own contributions to MPW during these cycles:
- Add 'Pending' SHIELD Balance to UI: This adds the user's Pending SHIELD balance to the app, previously, users couldn't see their pending balance, leading to it "disappearing" until it confirmed.
- Fix Progress Bar: This PR simply fixes the Progress Bar animation, and fixes the accessibility data for users with sensory issues.

- Removed the Rockdev Explorer: A simple PR removing the Rockdev explorer while it's out-of-action.
- Finalise MPW v1.5.0: Written the Changelog, bumped and released v1.5.0 to Production.
- Fix 'PIVX Promos' text spacing: Fix a simple text spacing issue.

Outside of these small PRs, I've reviewed a large amount of PRs and handled the Quality Control process to reduce the amount of bugs and issues making their way in to Production releases.

  • PIVCards
Spend PIV at any store, in any country, from any wallet, in total privacy.

PIVCards has been rapidly growing in userbase and volume these last three months - with @Luke and I working constantly on improving the speed and UX of the platform, he implemented a new backend that makes card deliveries under 5-10 minutes on average.

- I worked alongside @Luke to transition PIVCards Production server between his payment systems for the upgraded Delivery Time.
- I worked alongside @BreadJS to implement the new Admin Dashboard (Labs Core can now operate PIVCards from a custom, specialised web dashboard).
- I worked alongside @BreadJS to add our theme system (finally getting rid of the March snow!) and readying the platform to switch themes automatically based on the time of year, no more manual theme changes!

After the system upgrade, PIVCards actually saves a ton on transaction fees, which means we can start using that additional revenue to:
- Fund additional Labs Projects.
- Begin a cashback system using SHIELD'ed PIV.

You heard that right, SHIELD'ed cashback. 🛡️
This feature will be developed as part of our fifth new Labs Project, a SHIELD-only onboarding platform, PIVX Rewards. 🔥

PIVCards volume since launch: ~74,261.22 USD

  • PIVX Rewards
After some months and consideration, the PIVX Rewards platform was introduced by aggregation of the requests for a PIVX faucet, and from the general need of PIVX needing better onboarding - the result of these two ideas forms PIVX Rewards; the Labs Onboarding Platform.


PIVX Rewards combines the basic "faucet" concept with a task-based reward system, we call these "Perks", a gamification of enabling PIVians to perform tasks (like joining our Discord, or promoting our posts on Socials, etc), and earning an automated reward (Perk) for that task, this combination of gamification, tasks, and time-based rewards, combined with an excellent Referral System, create an extremely addictive platform that keeps PIVians coming back to claim rewards, perform helpful tasks for the PIVX ecosystem, onboard additional users at a grass-roots level, all while massively boosting the SHIELD transaction set, given the platform is SHIELD-only, this means PIVX SHIELD will soon have dozens, possibly hundreds, of frequent SHIELD transactions floating around the network.

To break-down this wall of text in to manageable bits, here's some quick benefits of the platform:
- SHIELD-only, each Tx done by the platform boosts the SHIELD anonymity set, and forces all users to use official PIVX wallets (MPW or PIVX Core), this means users of this platform are guaranteed to NOT be using a 3rd-party or exchange.
- Faucet system (built to allow users to earn small amounts of PIV for onboarding and user retainment).
- "Perks" system, a gamified task-based reward system, scalable to support many kinds of real-world or digital tasks with ease.
- Referral system, arguably the most powerful part of the platform outside of Perks: this allows users to perform the marketing on our behalf, by referring friends or advertising their link, earning them commissions when new users join, a self-fulilling prophecy.

To prevent botting and cheating, PIVX Rewards has multiple anti-cheat systems for all kinds of bot-prevention, including a custom in-house PoW-captcha solution! - The downside of these anti-cheat systems: although we minimise the data collected and anonymise everything where possible, some level of fingerprinting and data storage is necessary to perform this, like linking devices that are likely to be the same person, etc - Tor is banned from the platform, and public VPNs are analysed for multi-aq.

That being said, it is still possible to use the platform with a high-level of anonmity with:
- A non-public VPN with a static IP.
- A fresh SHIELD address, never posted in public.
- Using the platform with a single browser, on a single device - although counter-intuitive, this prevents the platform from building a multi-device profile of you.

With these, you remain highly anonymous and gain the full benefits of the platform.

PIVX Rewards will be launching in early March, stay tuned. 🙏

  • Other Labs Stuff
Content and Management Delegation
In the last two months, Mirela has taken over: Proposals (LMPs, LRPs), created three new social channels, taken over Twitter and Medium, and continued new editions of The Superblock Report.

Additionally, all marketing coordination, content direction, and strategy planning is under her - with a large TikTok campaign (aimed primarily towards younger generations, Gen Z, etc) in the planning stages, good examples of this strategy are the Duolingo TikTok account.

At this point, we've essentially marked the point at which I've fully delegated all non-dev tasks, giving me much more time to work again - I used that extra time to develop PIVX Rewards solo, while Labs now has a larger social network and marketing strategy at the same time.

What will I continue to do for the next three cycles?

Continue what I've done for the last 15 months, of course!

As promised in the last proposal: MPW SHIELD was finally finalised and released to the public's hands, and that gives us a ton more breathing room to start ramping up new developments, and continue MPW's progression towards v2.0, marked by a SHIELD-focused redesign of the entire app, alongside MPW work - I've got even more platforms to play with, and more marketing power to use it with, that brings us to a new User-Centric era of focus.

To be specific, in these next cycles, my points of interest are:
- Assisting with the design of MPW v2.0's redesign, MPW will release with a new logo, a completely re-built UI and theme, this takes a massive amount of Developer and Designer collaboration, so completion time varies wildly, and is too early to predict at this time.
- Integrating SHIELD Cashback in to PIVCards, a new SHIELD-focused feature that increases SHIELD usage, brings users across Labs platforms, and helps PIVCards grow with new incentive systems.
- Progressing PIVX Rewards, adding additional tasks, improving it's abilities as a marketing and onboarding platform.
- Continue learning Vue.js to improve my capacity in building new MPW features, like Coin Control, in-app PIVCards or swaps - these features are difficult to achieve during the app redesign, but keeping plans near helps us make space for them.
- Working alongside YuurinBee, Meerkat, and our frontend designers: start interlinking the Design and UX of all Labs platforms, unifying them under a consistent brand and UI, this means users onboarded by Labs become quickly familiar with all Labs services, retention +1!
- Continue implementing user-suggested features and fixes in to MPW and PIVCards, these vary in size and complexity, so cannot be predicted in advance, I will balance priorities accordingly between New Developments and Feature Requests.
- Cultivating the PIVX Labs team & community: PIVX Labs is the primary community besides "Main", we'll continue growing with independent values.
- ... various other Labs projects & MPW improvements that I cannot predict ahead of time: goals change, priorities shift, but work will always happen.

... want to add your own ideas for us to build?
Join and let's get it done!

I, and the entire Labs team + community, thank everyone who have supported our work thus far, and allowed us to prove that we can get shit done without too much messing around - we have some fun, it's what keeps us sane and grounded, down-to-earth, but we keep our direction the same: build, and do it right.

Thanks for reviewing my proposal, now's your choice:

Purple Pill (Vote Yes) | Red Pill (Vote No)

- JSKitty
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