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Archived LRP - Luke


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Name: LRP - Luke
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 20,000
Total Amnt: 60,000
Author: Luke, JSKitty
Receiver: Luke
Address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb
Created: 12-01-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: d140a20d91fcc69c68944ddcf6ed2df19b9f8e2f753bc5935e8d9ba8569d420b

Role and Introduction
Luke is one of the original founding Labs members, alongside Snappy, Liquid369 and Kyeno - he's worked part-time between various Labs projects over the years, building the original web-wallet codebase that inspired MyPIVXWallet.org, as well as taking over the full development of PIVX.Poker, Luke also built a large amount of the PIVCards Platform backend.

The last few months: Luke worked primarily part-time on PIVX.Poker and PIVCards Platform, building them on small LMP proposals whenever new features were needed, these proposals were quite sparse, but given Alessandro's temporary step-down from academics, Luke will be able to take on additional roles such as full-time MyPIVXWallet.org reviewing, alongside taking development load off of PIVCards on the sideline.

Now, he'll be joining us to work alongside the Labs team in speeding up all three of our primary projects: MyPIVXWallet, PIVCards Platform, and PIVX.Poker!

Proposal Plan

MyPIVXWallet.org: Reviews and Code!

In prep for Shield while Alessandro steps away: we need reviews urgently to start passing the base code necessary to release Shield properly, the slow reviews are causing development to crawl, thus halting Shield's polish and release in the first place.
This extra review power should be enough for Duddino and JSKitty to push the existing PRs through, bring the Shield PR back to a full Master rebase, release a test edition for both Quality Control and UX/Frontend Devs to polish together, then once finally at a stable and UX-friendly stage... set the release date!

TL;DR: More skilled code reviewers, faster iteration, quicker Shield and v2.0 release.

PIVCards Platform: New features, stability improvements and more!
PIVCards, although a ton more stable and battle-hardened than a month ago, still needs some work in the area of stability and features: a lot of card types, for example: Prepaid Visas, Discord Nitro, Nike, and a dozen other brands are bugged and won't deliver properly, or at all, requiring manual refunds - since PIVCards has to try and support thousands of cards all in a single platform, it needs to act as a one-size-fits-all platform, and that means a LOT of backend preparation and templating systems, to ensure PIVCards' autonomous system understands how and where to dispatch each of these cards.

On the bright side: provably, our error rates have vastly dropped since launch day, by more than 75%! But there's always room for more improvement, Luke will be able to help finally polish these last system hitches.

Additionally, some new features for regional 'Popular Cards', allowing a more extensive search system for users, is a feature that's been massively requested, alongside many more; those could finally be addressed by Luke and BreadJS working in parallel.

PIVX.Poker: Tournaments and Prizes!
The latest iteration of PIVX.Poker - which is close to completion - supports a full Tournament system, encouraging the community to play with (or against!) eachother for cash prizes, this will help with bringing new folks to PIVX alongside entertaining our existing chip-hoarders of Labs, whom often fill full tables with ease when we launch PIVX.Poker events in PIVX Labs.

This proposal will allow Luke to finish off the new upgrade to the platform, bringing it live for the community to enjoy - this upgrade also comes with more extensive documentation, so other developers, volunteer or Labs-paid, can collaborate on building PIVX.Poker as a bigger platform.

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