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Name: LRP - MirelaAbba
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 5,000
Total Amnt: 5,000
Author: Mirela Abazović, JSKitty
Receiver: Mirela Abazović
Address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb
Created: 11-01-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: f6ed676404634725c7e3c6a708d8bd97e4bba3044d6115d40c7bf80286564dec

Note: The original intended name was LRP - Mirela Abazović, we submitted it as LRP - MirelaAbba to ensure the title and URL fit consensus requirements.

Role and Introduction
Mirela is a CS Student from the lands of Montenegro, she grew up learning various subjects with a wide range of skills from Game Development, Visual Design, Software UX, Music, Writing, and more - her wide skillset makes her able to work in the tech-heavy environment of Labs to convert our 'techno-jargon' in to plain English for both English and Montenegrin audiences, while being able to help with the design of MyPIVXWallet via UX reviews, translation coordination work and Quality Control organisation.

Proposal Abstract

The Superblock Report: Takeover!
Last cycle, Mirela successfully taken over The Superblock Report, organising and aggregating report data, as well as setting new team rules to improve Labs' reporting workflow, before writing The Superblock Report - Episode 9 on the Labs Medium account, Episode 9 ended up being one of the most in-depth Labs Reports, especially in the realm of business development (biz-dev) and Core, both of which needed better highlighting.


MyPIVXWallet.org: Now in Montenegrin!
Our beloved wallet now has 100% coverage in Montenegrin, peer-reviewed by multiple Montenegrin locals, opening up an MPW-powered portal to the markets of Montenegro, this small land is packed with potential given their governmental interest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, PIVX is ahead of the game for smaller nations thanks to our localised translators like Mirela!


Community News: Reward roles and multi-server feature room!
To improve how Labs interacts with community content creators, we now give verified content creators a role and access to their own PIVX Announcements channel, this channel automatically directs news to all PIVX Discords, boosting outreach and encouraging community content creators, while keeping regular users up-to-date with news.


As a continuation of her last Labs proposal, she'll be coming back to take a full Labs Team role, following the original plan after her successful trial.

Mirela has additionally been handling organisation of non-developer tasks and resources, cutting out unnecessary workloads from Labs management, and rewriting a few rules in how The Superblock Report is written, streamlining the report process for less confusion during the research and aggregation stage, this side-work has saved us a handful in Quality Control and non-developer funds, so now we have plenty of buffer room to scale our Quality Control program to a larger team as well!

Proposal Plans
Given her shift in to a more management-oriented role, alongside content creation and writing, much of Mirela's next work cycle will involve the takeover of Labs Socials, as well as directing content aggregation and creation, working alongside @Meerkat to create graphics for events, updates, releases and announcements - her role of writing The Superblock Report remains priority throughout this upgrade.
  • Compiling, Writing and Publishing The Superblock Report (on the 15th of each month).
  • Assisting with the aggregation, writing and submission of Labs LMPs and LRPs, saving developer time and giving better head-room for Biz Dev proposals.
  • Continuing translation work for MyPIVXWallet.org, PIVX.org, and various other platforms and socials in to Montenegrin, as well as coordinating translation work from other countries.
  • Remaining the physical Montenegrin Ambassador for PIVX Labs, with connections to Blockchain Projects in Montenegro, giving PIVX a new arm in a country with high adoption potential.
  • Maintaining and improving the PIVX Labs Discord, such as improving the Community News outlets, and handling announcements.
  • Taking over the PIVX Labs socials, such as X (Twitter) and Medium.
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Sounds like lots more skill added to the team, and lots of tasks offloaded from JSKitty so he can avoid burnout. Good stuff.