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Name: LRP - MirelaAbba
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 5,000
Total Amnt: 5,000
Author: Mirela Abazović, JSKitty
Receiver: Mirela Abazović
Address: DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb
Created: 09-02-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: b036bb8ed78198db4550b6a0b03015cca2c79ba0a304639aea721d11267f9f0d

Note: The original intended name was LRP - Mirela Abazović, we submitted it as LRP - MirelaAbba to ensure the title and URL fit consensus requirements.

Role and Introduction
Mirela is a CS Student from the lands of Montenegro, she grew up learning various subjects with a wide range of skills from Game Development, Visual Design, Software UX, Music, Writing, and more - her wide skillset makes her able to work in the tech-heavy environment of Labs to convert our 'techno-jargon' in to plain English for both English and Montenegrin audiences, while being able to help with the design of MyPIVXWallet via UX reviews, translation coordination work and Quality Control organisation.

Proposal Abstract

The Superblock Report: Episode 10
Last cycle, Mirela continued The Superblock Report with Episode 10, fulfilling another month of PIVX Labs reporting aggregation for the public eye, even during the holiday season - Labs was slower than usual, but the show never stops.


Social Platforms Expansion:
With the power-team of Mirela and Meerkat, PIVX Labs now has a total of FIVE independent social platform accounts, all managed with simultaneous scheduled announcements and updates across the board, this has vastly improved the outreach Labs has for the community, and we're going to power ahead with a new marketing scheme that propels Labs services, such as PIVCards, MyPIVXWallet and PIVX.Poker, to the next level of on-boarding.

After the launch of the SHIELD Quality Control release, with dozens of scheduled and planned announcements fired off to multiple platforms over a series of days: the PIVX Labs Discord gained a large amount of new members, bringing the Discord to over 240 members (or 50+ members in under a week), many of these members are not co-members of the PIVX Core Discord, meaning our outreach is working as intended - outreach!

Hyperlinks for all accounts
X (Formerly Twitter)
In addition, Labs X account now has X Premium Basic, giving us a few new snazzy features to improve our posts and announcements for the future.


As an additional measure to increase awareness, Labs now posts announcements to the PIVX Forum on a voluntary basis, allowing users outside of our social platforms to keep up-to-date with work in the Labs Discord.

Mirela has worked closely alongside Meerkat to schedule public announcements, as well as created the launch schedule for events and control of the design process for all of said events.

Proposal Plans
With her role primarily orientating around Content Creation (both the writing and design planning), much of Mirela's next work cycle will involve the continuation of Labs Socials growth, as well as directing content aggregation and creation, working alongside @Meerkat to create graphics for events, updates, releases and announcements - her role of writing The Superblock Report remains priority.
  • Compiling, Writing and Publishing The Superblock Report (on the 15th of each month).
  • Assisting with the aggregation, writing and submission of Labs LMPs and LRPs, saving developer time and giving better head-room for Biz Dev proposals.
  • Continuing translation work for MyPIVXWallet.org, PIVX.org, and various other platforms and socials in to Montenegrin, as well as coordinating translation work from other countries.
  • Remaining the physical Montenegrin Ambassador for PIVX Labs, with connections to Blockchain Projects in Montenegro, giving PIVX a new arm in a country with high adoption potential.
  • Maintaining and improving the PIVX Labs Discord, such as improving the Community News outlets, and handling announcements.
  • Continuation of maintaining and growing the various PIVX Labs socials.
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