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Archived LRP: Sandude


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Name: LRP - Sandude
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 3,000
Total Amnt: 3,000
Author: Sandude
Receiver: Sandude
Address: DN8pZQ8EDmfzW4k182gWBnm8X51kYGTxZD
Created: 25-01-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: f2061e7b67f8d0ba66ff22312ac89e8c606781944d82b7798a0927efbc2f0e07

About me

Hello, friends.

I am Sandude, an economist and data scientist with experience in both central banking and Crypto (a true rarity). I was recently contacted by JSKitty to help with some writing tasks for PIVX, and given the volume of work ahead we were thinking of making this a recurring thing. This will improve team efficiency by allowing the PIVX Labs team to delegate all text work, while providing an image of professionalism for the project. Moreover, we will be now able to keep the community updated of all developments and events through the publication of articles and blogs.

What have I done so far?

Basically two things:
  • Reviewed and redesigned the text for all LMPs (Labs Micro Proposals) published over the last month.
  • Designed templates for both LMPs and LRPs (Labs Recurring Proposals)
What will I continue to do if this proposal succeeds?

I will have some recurring writing tasks, and will be there any time the PIVX team needs any writing or proof-reading done. My tasks at the beginning will include the following:
  • Review, rewrite and publish all LMPs and LRPs with a focus on facilitating comprehension and fixing any mistakes present.
  • Proof-reading all apps and features associated with the PIVX Labs and in spare time, PIVX Core.
  • Publish monthly community updates summarizing all developments and relevant events for PIVX.
  • Assisting all members of the PIVX team with any tasks that require writing.
Looking forward to being part of the PIVX family!
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