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Archived LRP - Web Developer


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Name: LRP - Web Developer
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 17,500
Total Amnt: 17,500
Author: BreadJS, JSKitty
Receiver: BreadJS
Address: DDS5v6mPqUN3rdzkp3268LV7TKjHCZqy8c
Created: 16-09-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 411eba2acad959df0464c216607c53983d9d73f3497935fdeb3531e77b95a2fc

Proposal Abstract
BreadJS is PIVX Labs' part-time web developer since late 2022, whom designed the modern MyPIVXWallet app, as well as the upcoming PIVCards platform frontend, as of this proposal, he'll effectively be full-time at PIVX Labs, giving us far more UI and UX-focused development power to our apps than we previously had the resources for, given we currently have more Backend development than Frontend development, this leads to a backlog in which our apps have to slow down development until the frontend catches up - With BreadJS full-time, this friction is eliminated.

BreadJS's last proposal and work can be seen here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/lmp-web-developer.1601/

Proposal Plans
BreadJS will be working alongside Luke to finish and launch the PIVCards Web Platform, as well as prepare MPW for it's v2.0 release by working with Me, Duddino and Rezzi to create a sleek user-friendly UI for our upcoming Shield integration, BreadJS is also working on a new "Getting Started" page for new MPW users, a new Masternode Management UI for multi-MN support, and plenty other UI improvements along the MPW v2.0 pipeline.

More specifically, here's some concrete plans for this proposal's cycle:

  • PIVCards Platform: Bread will complete the frontend for PIVCards Web, allowing us to launch the platform with a sleek, private, web-based interface.
  • MPW Design: Bread will further various MPW design tasks, such as the New Navigation UI, Multi-MN Management UI, 'Getting Started' on-boarding UI, and more.
  • Alt-Labs Design: When there's spare time between primary Labs tasks, time will be spent to polish the frontends of various Labs projects, such as PIVX.Poker and PIVX BitListen.

An example of an upcoming MPW UI upgrade (work-in-progress, unfinished):


Video of New Navigation UI (Click)
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