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Ended LRP - Web Developer


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Name: LRP - Web Developer
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 20,000
Total Amnt: 20,000
Author: BreadJS, JSKitty
Receiver: BreadJS
Address: DDS5v6mPqUN3rdzkp3268LV7TKjHCZqy8c
Created: 07-12-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 95e208aa6cbc00c6a6594e48573ca8327ac39b202637a2d10c297542b678015d

Proposal Abstract
BreadJS is PIVX Labs' part-time web developer since late 2022, whom designed the modern MyPIVXWallet app, as well as the upcoming PIVCards platform frontend, he became a full-time Labs Team member as of September 2023.

In the last cycle, BreadJS spent further time polishing PIVCards Platform v1.0, following a UX review by @YuurinBee to polish the platform further post-launch, after these, he spent time polishing up the old 'n dusty Labs project, PIVListen, now with a slightly refined face to it.

Due to slower coordination from the October-November Labs DevOps interruptions, no progress was directed towards MyPIVXWallet UI at this cycle, the cycle of December-January should offer an easier schedule once Labs resumes out from the work backlog.

The next release of MyPIVXWallet will contain Shielding, as such, we'll let Bread focus on heavily improving the UX and UI of Shielding on MPW as a priority.

PIVListen Polish

Minor work was done on PIVListen, an old Labs project, to revitalize the UI up-to-date with more modern Labs standards.


The latest PIVListen UI

Proposal Plans

To give an idea of what we're aiming to achieve this cycle, with BreadJS:
  • Polishing up the UI and UX of Shielding on MyPIVXWallet.
  • In areas necessary and in available time: further improving and tweaking the design of PIVCards to make room for new features (Status and Notification systems, Promo Codes, Holiday Event Systems, etc).
  • If all the above is finished, then moving to alt-Labs projects, such as PIVX.Poker and PIVListen.
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