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Name: LRP - Web Developer
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 17,500
Total Amnt: 52,500
Author: BreadJS, Mirela, JSKitty
Receiver: BreadJS
Address: DDS5v6mPqUN3rdzkp3268LV7TKjHCZqy8c
Created: 06-04-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: fe0f189c82e4c0a61771ead5b0ee9d723ab5960c77f9d99f08d117f377879cc5

Proposal Abstract
BreadJS is PIVX Labs' full-time Web Developer since September 2023, with his influence on Labs being visible on every single Labs platform you've used, including My PIVX Wallet, PIVCards, PIVX Rewards, PIVListen and more.

BreadJS worked on polishing up the UI of PIVCards, resolving a bunch of strange rendering bugs and patching general frontend instabilities that caused orders to duplicate or flicker he also added new features like the Theme System; a new automated system to switch Labs platforms between various Themes (i.e: seasonal like Winter, Summer - or for particular events), no more manual theme editing.

My PIVX Wallet v1.5.0
BreadJS helped with much of the design "clean-up" of SHIELD for our intermediary v1.5.0 SHIELD release, smoothing out the notifications, progress bars, and giving them a flashy v2.0-like design as a sneak peek of the upcoming redesign.


My PIVX Wallet v2.0
As we speak, BreadJS is now working full-time on implementing the redesign of My PIVX Wallet v2.0, designed by @Meerkat, the two of them are continuing to work closely on coordinating the UX and branding of v2.0, which is aimed to be our biggest release since launch. 👀

The below screenshots are from the real, work-in-progress v2.0 progression - this is unfinished, but a very close representation of what the upcoming redesign will look like.

Getting Started




Unlock Wallet Prompt

Delete Wallet Prompt

Proposal Plans
With all of Bread's work finished on PIVCards, PIVListen and pre-v2.0 MPW, his focus now moves entirely and without disturbance (on critical exceptions) towards implementing the v2.0 redesign, thus, his plans are dedicated purely to My PIVX Wallet for the meantime.

If v2.0 is completed before the end of the proposal terms: then his work will shift back towards alternative Labs platforms, namely the upcoming "Labs Oracle" service, as well as PIVCards, working further on the "Unification" of Labs services that has been underway for the last month.

A possible outcome of this proposal may look like:

  • Building (and potentially completing) My PIVX Wallet v2.0 in it's entirety.
  • Building an improved interface for the "Labs Oracle" platform (which will be built by JSKitty and Luke until BreadJS is able to take over).
  • Further polishing PIVCards and additional services for Mobile devices.
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