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Hey All,

Earlier today @vampyren requested a donation address to start to put together funds for promotion work pertaining to PIVX.

Having fluid funds to do more pinpointed, acupressure targeted work, article publishing, and the like, is something PIVX has never had or excelled in. For example, a single published article (in the cyrpto space) may run $800-$1500. This is absolutely in the realm of what we can crowdfund, and should be doable for our community. The payoff will be growing awareness and ripple marketing for PIVX (That we have yet to experience with consistency).

As a result of this, 3 of us ( @Ambassador , @jakiman , and myself) have agreed to be stewards of a promotion fund pool. We will be staking any of the funds that come in (to maximize them), and all will be public.

For anyone who would LIKE to donate please donate to this address: DPL4keBbxcWvzRd8Mw53kC4mcnh7hDJNSj

We'll keep track of donated amounts in (as checking that address will show any staked rewards as well).

Additionally, we decided that before any funds move, we'll have records of tri-party agreement on the movement/deployment of those funds.
I wish to keep all PIVIANS as ACTIVE as I wish for myself too. I submitted a PROPOSAL for myself and I wish I do fill in the GAP as it should.
I agree and FULLY support that instead of asking for tipping, there should be a PART of the TREASURY to given as a MOTIVATIVE Giveaway to every COMMUNITY MEMBER that spends TIME and EFFORT Promoting anything PIVX.
--- QTEZ