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Archived Manifesto drafting


Apr '17

The current manifesto is still in draft stages, although the general theme seems to have been embraced by the community on the whole. Please take some time now to read the current draft and help us discuss as a community how we should improve upon it.
Please realise that not all suggestions will be added to this draft and if you feel that its varying too far from your own personal vision then feel free to create a manifesto of your own, or ‘FORK’ this one and we can build discussion around the variations. I’m pretty certain that we will have some variations start to develop as our community has become incredibly diverse.
(Draft 0.3)
_PRIVACY in non-negotiable, _
_FREEDOM is everything, _
TECHNOLOGY is advancing, GOVERNANCE must also.
Privacy ALLOWS the freedom to share what you wish with EVERYONE, but also the freedom to RESTRICT who sees your information.
We believe this is each person’s CHOICE.
GOVERNANCE is used to further objectives and FUND development.
The DAOS Are untouchable.
Join us WHEN you like, WHY you like, and, for AS LONG as you like.
Lets explore ALL the options TOGETHER.
You are IMPORTANT to US, It’s TIME we harnessed your FULL potential.

Thanks so much for taking the time to be involved with our beautiful project, I hope we can change trade and value storage for the better of humanity.
Crypto SI