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Archived Marketing and SEO proposal by Cryptnonews



Marketing and SEO proposal by Cryptnonews
Hello, I am a marketing and SEO expert that wants to help PIVX gain more new users and increase brand awareness. There are many leading privacy coins in 2019 but PIVX uniquely has the strengths to be a long term project. In my opinion as someone who has been promoting the PIVX brand independently for over 2 years since 2017, PIVX could benefit from an expanded marketing campaign.
Search engine optimization:
I want to bring my expertise running my successful marketing and SEO company for the last 8 years over to helping PIVX achieve a higher userbase. With more new users, PIVX will see accelerated organic word of mouth growth and real use case adoption. I have had success ranking keywords on the first pages of google that have millions of monthly search volume. My main strategy for SEO is investing in niche relevant high authority domains and using them as a tier 1 network with dofollow homepage backlinks in contextual articles. I use several expert tools such as Majestic, MOZ, Semrush and many more to build powerful authority tier 1 links. I am capable of impacting almost any competitive keyword so the long tail keywords associated with PIVX and privacy cryptocurrencies such as “zerocoin” or “bulletproofs” will be extremely easy for me to impact. I own many websites personally but have also been hired by over 1,000 businesses to improve their websites SEO and social media. Search engine optimization is a long term process that needs to be done carefully with solid expertise. An amateur SEO job can have no effect on website rankings as Google has become very smart since the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. With the wrong SEO strategy, you can waste all of your money doing SEO with no results with very small details in campaign setup. I want to bring my success in SEO to PIVX and drive more traffic to the PIVX websites and social media accounts with the conversion goal of each new visitor to download and start using the PIVX wallet.
Influencer/social media marketing:
Since I have owned many websites with large volumes of traffic, I have learned from firsthand experience over the years through endless trial and error what the best modern marketing techniques are. I have experience selling my own products both digital and real as well as countless affiliate products. I know what it takes to build a strong brand from the ground up and implement automated mechanisms of promotion and social growth. I own multiple instagram accounts with tens of thousands of followers and from those have learned how to best grow and manage a community’s activities and focus. PIVX needs more community engagement, the tipbot on discord is a great example of one exciting community use case. If there were more use cases for using PIVX then the PIVX community would become more engaged in general and in sharing with their personal social network. The main effort of my marketing campaign would be in bringing on social network influencers. I have already been in contact with The Crypto Lark, one of the top 5 biggest cryptocurrency youtubers. And also with Cryptostache, a very talented and entertaining smaller youtuber. With this proposal being approved, I would be able to offer influencers a contract for monthly PIVX content. There is no doubt that youtube is the dominant social media platform in 2019 from both a community engagement and SEO perspective. Youtube SEO is very easy, and with the right combination of keyword research and tier 1 web 2.0 dofollow homepage embeds, you can effortlessly rank for high competition keywords in google search.
One of the things that I have already been doing for the last 2 years as an independant PIVX marketing agent is getting PIVX themed posts to the first page of Steemit and all of its top subforums. Steemit is the largest social media platform for cryptocurrency and also one of the most active decentralized applications. According to public stats, there are estimated to be 5,000 to 10,000 daily active users on Steemit. I am able to use the Steemit decentralized economy to invest $100-$200 at a time into post promotion. As a result, my posts consistently rank in the top 10 positions of the homepage and often #1 position for about 2-5 days before being pushed down the homepage. You are allowed to use 5 tags on Steemit for 5 Steemit subforums and the largest relevant ones are cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Steemit, blockchain, money. Every time I promote my post it is immediately #1-3 position on all of these subforums for atleast 2-3 days. The post will stay in the top #1-10 positions of each subforum for 7-10 days. I use a readable PIVX logo as the thumbnail so the PIVX logo is visibile by just being on the subforums and homepage without even clicking the post. I would estimate that including repeat views, the PIVX logo gets about 30,000 to 60,000 impressions and the post itself gets 5,000 to 10,000 impressions. I have been doing this on Steemit with PIVX and various other topics for 2 years and have built up a following of thousands of people subscribed. Each post costs me $100-$200 to promote but because of how the Steemit economy works, I am able to get 70%-80% of my investment back in 1 week through votes on the post.
My main goal is to help PIVX become a leading privacy coin by increasing monthly numbers of new users and engaging this emerging communtiy. I want to lend my hard work and years of experience in trials and errors with SEO and marketing to help PIVX dominate the other privacy coins in terms of social momentum. For 2500 PIV a month for 3 months, my main offers in this proposal are my years of expert SEO experience, years of internet marketing experience with a focus on youtube influencer marketing, and my ability to promote PIVX on Steemit with tens of thousands of brand impressions. I am happy to answer all questions about my services so please ask me if there is anything I should explain more. I also welcome all constructive criticism of my proposal and would be absolutely willing to refine any aspect of it. Thanks for your time and patience for hearing this proposal -Cryptnonews.