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Archived MASSIVE PIVX arts/entertainment/music alliance in NYC with global reach


May '18

Hi All,
I (@SnappySnap) am starting the discussion around the below pre-proposal and submission on behalf of a PIVX community member that many do not know yet (Ravens0ng#6384), of whom I’ve had the pleasure and joy of meeting in person at Consensus NYC 2018. He and his partners are very big advocates of PIVX along with being seasoned and experienced in the music/entertainment/arts industry in NYC (20+ years). Many of their works are on display throughout NYC with more events and commissioned mural opportunities on the docket.
I offered to submit the proposal and “use” my credibility within the community for this conversation and hopeful proposal as I see the HUGE network effect these types of events, sponsorships, and engagements can and will have for PIVX. It’s multi-faceted:
  • Direct brand awareness: murals, paintings, events will all be dosed in PIVX and PIVX awareness.
  • Direct TrendSetter/Influencer Engagement: Many of these artists are already (or about to be) globally recognized, displaying in galleries, events, shows. Having them “pro-PIVX” and even proudly carrying the PIVX flag/representation into these shows is massive.
  • Indirect Network Effect: As highly visible artists (be it murals, or musicians, or events) - their own networks will be exposed to PIVX and in many cases crypto for the first time.
  • PR and News: visual content will be abundant from the engagements, events, murals, etc (for examples, see below). All of this becomes more content for our teams to use to promote and engage news sources, PR outlets, and use for our social/website needs.
PIVX has a beautiful opportunity to network in/build a developing relationship with an already passionate, vibrant arts/entertainment/music community in NYC (built over 20+ years) and further amplify the branding, use, and awareness of PIVX.
Additionally, these events/cruises would be potentially open to PIVX members to attend, allowing for PERSONAL and intimate relationship building with this community (that most of crypto does not have this kind of access to).
Art Examples:

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This is an already in process billboard series and poster campaign featuring art not ads through NO AGENDA LTA, which if this proposal is funded, would be branded and labeled as brought to you by PIVX on all murals, billboards, posters, and media that is displayed.
PIVX Purpose: a grass roots approach for PIVX awareness utilizing poster campaigns and commissioned locations for murals and artwork in key neighborhoods throughout New York City available to present artists’ work that is inspired by privacy.
Additional benefits - artists, activists, and otherwise individuals who tend to be very pro-privacy would be made aware of (and use) PIVX. Ripple effect of embedding into this community and their work. These are the types that become the trendsetters.
PIV amount: TBD and discussed with community. Every bit will help provide supplies for artists (and downloads of the core/mobile wallets).
2. Street Art Party Boat Installation
6 artists have already commissioned through NO AGENDA LTD to paint murals and details throughout a party boat on the East River.
PIVX Purpose: a way to sponsor 6 high end/top tier artists and their work on a party boat in NYC that will be used to host over (X) amount of individuals per year. From co-branding on the artwork, to working directly with the artists, allows PIVX to further gain a reputation of community, as well as partner with some of the leading/emerging artists around the world.
PIV amount: TBD… thought would be to give each artist given a PIVX wallet with $1,000 equivalent through the sponsorship alliance. This creates a the top down beginning of the adaptation of these artists, fans and their followers. (200 PIV * 6 artists = 1.2k PIV)
3. Street Art Summer/ Fall Boat Party Series
2-3 parties are already booked on the Street Art Boat employing marquee talent and top tier local party promoters. As these individuals invite their favorite clients to these exclusive events, the patrons are given/asked to download PIVX wallets and mobile wallets as part of the promotion, and given a set amount of PIV.
We allow for the boats to accept PIVX at the bar and for merchandise which will allow for DIRECT and immediate use/experience of PIVX with these clients/individuals.
Unique limited edition merchandise available only at these events are offered to guests, PIVX accepted.
PIV amount: TBD - possible give $10 in PIV per attendee once they download the wallet (2 PIV * 1000 = 2k PIV)
4. Welling Court Mural Project Artist Sponsorship
Welling Court Mural Project has been happening for the last 10 years in June with over 150 artists participating annually in the an area of Astoria Queens.
PIVX Purpose: Brought to you by PIVX - gives a PIVX wallet with PIV to each participating artist. This action creates ripples around the planet in the art scene due to the international cross section of the talent pool. Co-branding and “brought to you by PIVX” on all murals and artwork.
PIV amount: TBD - thought would be to give $50-$100 of PIV to each artist (10piv * 150 artists = 1.5k PIV
5. Video Music Box 35th Anniversary @ Coney Island Artwalls
Ralph McDaniels is the official Hip Hop Ambassador for New York City, recognized by Brooklyn Museum in 2016. His public access show Video Music Box has been on the air for 35 years and has broken every group in the genre on television from Run DMC to JayZ.
PIVX Purpose: The endorsement and opportunity for acquisitions at this free event expecting around 5,000 attendees is significant. From co-branding, giving way PIV wallets with PIV included, PIV accepted at merchants and vendors during the event
PIV amount: TBD - 1 piv per attendee would be 5k PIV
There are other opportunities opening up with this alliance/partnership/sponsorship of artists that can have a disproportionate impact on awareness, PR, news, and use cases. Besides being seen as a friend of the arts, the expected reach in NYC alone is 100k-200k users of PIVX.
2k PIV a month
5 months proposal
Greatly appreciate your thoughts on this. If folks don’t think this should be submitted to the treasury/budget, I would then begin a donation campaign around this if there was intrest.
Thanks everyone! As always, keep it purple people!