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Archived Migrate Legacy News to PIVX.org


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Title: Migrate Legacy News to PIVX.org
Name: MigrateLegacyNews
Term: 1 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 3,000 PIV
Total Amount: 3,000 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Kyeno & Meerkat & Alex
Address: DQwbwo2UdSYGB8MNh44BmfwNn5tWtDetVY
Created: 2020-11-17
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 010f5f9cb9800e43d448aa427cb1acbb4cb37ad2b6b82d7cfa3f770694719333


The old PIVX.org website had 191 News articles on it, each translated into multiple languages. We simply did not have the time to migrate all of them to the new website and only copied over a few recent ones. The others represent a large amount of content that is already indexed on search engines. This is tremendous value we left behind.

We Prepared:

The current website expects those links, and handles them well in terms of SEO until we get them migrated properly. As such, search engines do not see the links as ‘broken’. But, the content they point to is no longer correct. Over time, that will hurt SEO. It is best we migrate these legacy News articles ASAP to maintain the SEO. We saved the entire site offline and can check stats to prioritize articles to migrate.


There was a tremendous amount of talent, effort and funds spent to create and translate those articles. Some are obsolete now, but all provide value, even if only historical. Any SEO value we built using them, will be lost if we don’t migrate them quickly.

English First:

This proposal will migrate the ENGLISH Legacy News articles. Future proposals will be submitted for migrating other languages. It is expected that those will be less effort as the images in the articles will be migrated already, and any website changes needed will be complete from this proposal. Further, there may be some less popular articles we can just leave in English only.

Community Involvement:

The expectation is that the Community will be able to help determine if any News articles should be ignored due to them being obsolete etc.


@AlexData Entry2,000 PIV (Approx 40 hrs)
@MeerkatPowerWeb Design Support500 PIV
@KyenoWeb Development Support500 PIV
@Eric_StanekProject ManagementNot funded.


This proposal is not requesting the Proposal Submission fee be refunded.

Voting Details:

To Vote YES!

mnbudgetvote many 010f5f9cb9800e43d448aa427cb1acbb4cb37ad2b6b82d7cfa3f770694719333 yes

To Vote No:

mnbudgetvote many 010f5f9cb9800e43d448aa427cb1acbb4cb37ad2b6b82d7cfa3f770694719333 no

Thank You!
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That would be awesome! What about the other languages?
That's the next job but I need kyeno to show me how to add languages to the drop down list. There's currently only a few on there and can't see how to do it on the admin panel.

Currently just marking the ones with translations with one translated to German so the posts show there are translations to be done.

I will do that tho.


Right I am going to call this for me and support this proposal. it is just a matter of copy and pasting but the images are not showing when uploaded to add to the main post. Uploaded images show if i add them to the content box. Feel like i am taking to much of Kyenos time with the questions plus additional alterations to code that were needed.

It will be more efficient for this proposal to pass and Alex to do it, as she is there with Kyeno to ask the questions as well as getting paid for his time. It is a time consuming task so good luck Alex (y)
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Thanks for getting involved and doing your best Borris. It is the easiest way to gain a detailed understanding that is pretty much impossible to communicate in a proposal or report, but is indeed valuable knowledge to have. As such, getting involved is always a WIN!