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"mintablecoins": false


New Pivian
Hi, I've been trying to dip into staking with PIVX for a while now and after weeks of struggle with a Raspberry PI, finally managed to sync the blockchain using a NUC (I wonder now about those companies who sell staking boxes for PIVX based on the PI). Encrypted wallet, sent funds, unlocked wallet, everything seems ok except staking is never active as one of the conditions is not met: I don't have mintable coins. Restarted tens of times, same result. getstakinstatus says this:

"validtime": true,
"haveconnections": true,
"walletunlocked": true,
"mintablecoins": false,
"enoughcoins": true,
"mnsync": true,
"staking status": false

Transactions have many hundreds of confirmations by now.

How to make my coins mintable? What am I missing?

The new staking rule in place delays staking status by 600 blocks. So 600 x 60 seconds +- will need to pass before it becomes eligible
Oh, ok didn't know, noob here... I thought I read through most docs, tutorials and guides.

Thanks for the quick response and for the cool project.
You are welcome :D should you need further assistance feel free to open a new thread.