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Archived Move PIVXcentral.org functionality to PIVX.org


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Title: Move PIVXcentral.org functionality to PIVX.org
Name: MovePIVXcentral2PIVX
Term: 1 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 6,000 PIV
Total Amount: 6,000 PIV
Author: Eric Stanek
Receiver: Kyeno & Meerkat
Address: DCp1Tjgwi1JCt9LSZhxV8oYbffucnoKoKE
Created: 2020-11-13
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 0d7d37056899adcf3e739db8f04fc9417840278da84ecb5c8a95a3d3152e4ec4


The purpose of this proposal is to migrate the PIVXcentral.org functionality to the PIVX.org website. The plan is to take a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) approach and then to enhance it later in separate proposal(s) if approved.


PIVXcentral.org is used by many people. It was written by a 3rd party team, and has not been maintained for approx 2 years. The functionality to submit Proposals there with a very user friendly form is currently broken but is expected to be added to the Core Wallet shortly after 5.0 is released. As such, we soon won't need it in PIVXcentral.org.

Further, PIVXcentral.org does not match the PIVX brand and as such is perceived as an unofficial 3rd party site.

The original architecture has the site using 3 different servers; core wallet, database, website. This is expensive and redundant as the current PIVX.org website has a wallet instance running, a database, and obviously serves the website too. (The current MVP design below does not require a database, but future enhancements will.)

Given the above, PIVXcentral.org is currently used simply to list the proposals in a user friendly way, without the user needing to use the core wallet. We want to maintain that functionality as a bare minimum while resolving the above issues mentioned.


The content will include ‘Introduction’, ‘Header’ and ‘Proposal’ sections. No legacy data will be stored.

Introduction Section:

This text is expected to be 2 or 3 short paragraphs max. Maybe an image.

Header Section:

On the ‘header’ of the applicable PIVXcentral.org page, we have this data presented:


We need the above information displayed, but it can be done with a much more efficient use of space. Assuming it is shown at the top, we don’t need to show the proposal count, or the percentage of the budget allocated. We can simply show:

Next Superblock2,592,000
Current block2,576,560
Blocks Remaining15,440 (10 days, 17 hrs, 20 mins.)
Total Budget43,200 PIV
Allocated39,347 PIV
Available3,853 PIV
Total Masternode Count1,780
10% Net Yes Votes to Pass178

Proposals Section:

Then we list the proposals in descending order of Net Yes votes.

Currently, PIVXcentral.org presents the following data for each proposal:


Again, this can be shown easily with a much more efficient use of space. We do NOT need to show the ‘Creator’, ‘Created’ or the fiat values. That data is not known by the network regardless.

The ‘Vote Commands’ buttons are not needed but will be included as they are extremely useful.

Proposals being submitted to start after the next superblock will be listed separately for clarity. Therefore we will add the date the superblock proposal starts, and how many cycles.

Rows can have color coding; Green is passing and funded, Yellow is passing and not funded, Red is not passing.

As such, column fields shown will be:
Proposal Name (Linked to Forum)PIVX-Dev-OctDec2020
Start Date/Super Block2,548,800
Super Block Payment25,000 PIV
Payments Remaining2
Votes: Yes / No (% MNs)631 / 0 (35.47%)
Copy Vote Command to ClipboardYes / No buttons

With the above, the user can easily see the current standing for all active proposals, and with the website open beside their Masternode Controller wallet, they can quickly copy and paste their votes into the console.


The above MVP creates a base on which to add new functionality with future proposals. Those can include storing legacy data, allowing reputation tracking, and making it extremely easy to report on progress of proposals etc. etc.

Community Involvement:

The expectation is that for future proposal(s) the Community will be involved significantly, but for this proposal being MVP we will complete it as we see best.


@MeerkatPower (Web Design)
@Kyeno (Web Development)

Not Funded:
Eric Stanek (Project Management)


This proposal is not requesting the Proposal Submission fee be refunded.

Voting Details:

To Vote YES!:

mnbudgetvote many 0d7d37056899adcf3e739db8f04fc9417840278da84ecb5c8a95a3d3152e4ec4 yes

To Vote No:

mnbudgetvote many 0d7d37056899adcf3e739db8f04fc9417840278da84ecb5c8a95a3d3152e4ec4 no

Thank You!
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Due to demands on their time for other PIVX efforts that were higher priority, the team completed this a month late.
The results of this proposal are self evident at this page: https://pivx.org/proposals

Any further edits/maintenance to that page will now fall under general site maintenance.