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My PIVX Wallet (MPW) - The most powerful PIVX lightwallet.


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The wallet of the future - Receive, Send, Stake and Exchange using a completely decentralized, open-source, battle-hardened PIVX wallet.

Proudly built by PIVX Labs.

Be your own Bank!
Only you hold your keys, locally on your own device, all private keys, TX signing and construction, is done completely locally under your own control, at your own pace.
The wallet can be ran online or offline - while online, the wallet will use the CryptoID explorer to fetch your balances and display it visually, as well as auto-broadcasting of transactions.
In Offline mode, the wallet can create 'Manual Transactions' in which you provide ALL data yourself, you do the signing yourself, you do the broadcasting yourself, you are in control.

Be lightweight, lightning speed, with 15-inch steel armour.
The wallet allows freely importing/exporting new and old keys alike, and supports local AES-GCM encryption for secure and easy storage of keys within your browser's local storage,
MyPIVXWallet will NEVER store unencrypted keys in local storage, to be able to save your wallet in-browser, without manually importing each time, you MUST set a (strong) encryption password.
The wallet is completely portable, can be ran on Desktops, Laptops, Mobile, every single OS with a proper browser (not Windows 98 with IE, goddamn it).
The wallet doesn't require any synchronization, and dependency on explorers can be disabled or even removed with offline mode.

Don't trust, verify!
MyPIVXWallet is available on the PIVX Labs github - a community-ran organization for PIVX-oriented OSS projects, don't trust us? Good! Download the source code, kill your wifi, lock yourself in a bunker
and the wallet will still function in Offline mode, with no dependency on the internet for barebones functionality, use 'Manual Transactions' to manually form raw transactions while offline
and broadcast them at your own pace, through your own node.


Current Features:
  • Sleek, lightwallet & mobile-friendly UI.
  • Full Cold Staking support.
  • Key import/export.
  • Customizable Addresses (VanityGen).
  • Explorer-powered automatic Coin Control, balances & transactions.
  • Secure AES-GCM wallet encryption support.

Planned Features:
  • Support for multiple addresses in a single wallet.
  • Custom nodes as a replacement for explorer dependency.
  • HD Seed import/export and key derivation support.
  • ... much, much more.
With your help, we can add even more features, improve security, and improve the adoption of PIVX for people that simply don't have the hardware, or knowledge, to run their own full-node.
A budget proposal draft is likely to be created soon to ask for formal help in expanding the development of MyPIVXWallet, the first project of PIVX Labs.

Special thanks to @Liquid369 and his team for creating the original foundations of the software under the DogeCash project, you are epic developers - and thanks to @Snappy for his usual energetic ambassadorship.

This wallet has NO endorsement from (or relation to) the PIVX Core developers, this is a community-made project built for the love of PIVX.
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Updates Round #1

  • Sleek Dark Mode!
  • Added 'QR code' button to display a magnified QR for your Public Address.
  • Added 'Copy' button to copy your Public Address easier!
  • Font auto-resizing for large balance strings.
  • Added 'Community' Intro section and PIVX Labs address buttons.
  • Navbar auto-closes after clicking a menu on mobile. (Thank you @palmtree!)

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Updates Round #2

  • Revamped Dashboard: Cleaner interface, less button spam, curved QRs, refreshed widget UIs.
  • Upgraded Vanity Address generation: Now user-friendly, multi-threaded, and doesn't freeze the browser during generation.
  • Codebase-wide optimizations: MPW now runs MUCH faster on ALL devices, with fine-tuning to rendering & cryptographic functions.
  • Updated PIV Balance logo.
  • Fixed a bunch of Intro page text indentations.

New Dashboard!

New Vanity Address UI!



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Now you can generate addresses ~113x faster!⚡

Under-the-hood improvements have been done to increase the speed of generating (and importing) addresses, this also includes the Vanity Gen system.

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