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Open Need Help: Bug PET4L and Ledger Nano S- all PIV lost?


New Pivian
Hello Everyone. That PIVX is one of the best cryptos, I do not need to tell you. Because of it, i bought many of them and stored them in my Ledger. Because of aiming to try cold staking I downloaded Pivx Wallet 5.3.1. Afterwards i sended my PIVs to that wallet. A little to fast, because I did not prepair anythink, so i sended them back to my Ledger on other account after shielding them. The transactions have been confirmed by the blockchain. On the day i did it, the coins have been shown on Ledger Live, as well,too. But after this I was unable to send the coins again. Everytime Ledger sended another error (example 25). Because of thinking on usb connectivity problems, i used my other computer. Synced everything: The coins had been back in the old account. Trying to send them is not possible. (every trial is an unconfirmed transaction - no wonder: the wallet is empty.). I synced ledger live many times with blockchain again, but they are not in the "new account". This one is not even found anymore. I updated pivx app from ledger live as well,too.

In the end I researched on the net and found PET4L. I connected to Los Angeles from Randomzebra and the ledger, searched for adressess of the coins: they were found... (correct number, not like displayed on ledger). So i wanted to send them to another pivx wallet, to get them back... But everytime i click on send (after entering adress) the following happens:

Time : Preparing transaction. Please wait...
Time: HW: Preparing transfer TX
Time: Error while communicating with Ledger hardware wallet.
caller : process_ledger_exceptions_int
function : prepare_transfer_tx_bulk
err: ('unsupported varint',)
===> Error while communicating with Ledger hardware wallet.
Time: Closing LEDGER client
caller : func_int
function : prepare_transfer_tx_bulk
err: Error while communicating with Ledger hardware wallet.
===> Ledger - generic exception
Time: Closing LEDGER client

PET4L does not ask to sign transaction - the ledger nano does not display anything . Nothing happens, only this bug report is displayed in the console log. I hope there is someone who has an idea in how to save my coins.

Kind regards
Update: After resync with ledger live multiple times, it now displays the right amount of pivx in ledger live. It is still not possible to transfer them.
If I try to transfer (after broadcasting transaction) I get the following error message in ledger live:

Sorry, try again.
The server could not handle your request. Please try again later or contact ledger support. API HTTP 500

Would be great if anyone of you have a solution

kind regards