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Network Update - v3.3.0 Enforcement / zPIV v2 Spend Activation

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Network / zPIV Update

zPIV v2 spending has been enabled on the network.
v3.3.0 wallet network enforcement is also active.

Mini FAQ

1. What does all this mean?
This means that if you run a PIVX core desktop wallet, make sure you have upgraded to v3.3.0. Older wallets are no longer compatible. Also, if you have minted zPIV and have a positive Available zPIV balance in the Privacy tab, you can now spend them back to your address. This will convert zPIV back to PIV for you to be able to stake, setup masternodes, or transfer externally. We recommend all users to convert all their zPIV to PIV.

2. Is zPoS (zPIV staking) still working?
No. Only PIV can stake currently. So if you want to stake PIVX, make sure you only have PIV and not zPIV.

3. Does zPIV still have a 7 denomination per spend limit?
No. With the release of 3.3.0, it was made to allow spending up to 636 zPIV denomination in a single spend! So converting a large number of zPIV to PIV got a whole lot easier.

4. I get "Cannot create public spend input" error when I try to spend zPIV. Why?
This means that you may have some zPIV v1 denominations which is currently not supported for spending back to PIV with 3.3.0. To avoid this issue, go to Privacy tab -> zPIV Control and try selecting only v2 denominations to spend.

5. When can we spend v1 zPIV denominations?
zPIV v1 support is planned for the next major wallet release.

6. When trying to spend via CLI using spendzerocoin RPC, it returns an error regardless of security level. Why?
Starting 3.3.0, security level has been removed. So make sure to not specify a security level, then it should work fine.

7. If I have my coins on exchanges, mobile wallets or Ledger, do I need to do anything?
No. This applies to only full node core desktop wallet users.

If you have any other issues / questions, please join PIVX Discord and ask in #support channel. Thank you!
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