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Archived New QT Wallet Marketing Campaign

Title: New QT Wallet 4.0
Name: Wallet4Campaign
Term: 1
Cycle Amnt: 2342.50 PIV
Total Amnt:  2342.50 PIV
Author: Rhubarbarian
Receiver: Rhubarbarian
Address: DJaQ4Pn1KygbSzvrGDuoAxHbRPDmukC4Xf
Created: 2019-06-12
Status: Pre-proposal
PIVX Foundation: able to KYC to receive

Draft - This will be a 1-month proposal, created to compensate for the extra time and resources needed to create a focused campaign in order to maximize the marketing of The next PIVX Core Wallet 4.0 (version and name TBD). Much of the prep work is started and it will be launched prior to payment so - this will mean we will work first and get paid later.

New QT Wallet 4.0 - Marketing Campaign

The goal is to get some attention in both crypto and mainstream media. But more realistically this will be more for PIVIans to get excited about. The big deal is since bitcoin and the QT wallet, not much has changed for core wallets. This will be the first real change in both tech and user journey. PIVX not only innovating technically but toward real-world adoption and ease of use, which is one of THE BIGGEST complaints about crypto next to its volatility. Making Crypto friendly and being best in class for tech, and focused on community, etc... a good story.

A fellow PIVian who's seen the WIP said "PIVX has once again innovated massively by rewriting the same old-school geeky QT core wallet everyone has tweaked and tweaked. It is now completely reworked and made much more user-friendly. Just you watch .... every one of the PIVX clones out there (and many other alt-coins) are now going to struggle to shoehorn this wallet into their codebase because staying old-school just ain't cool."

This proposal also will highlight the missing team members needed to effectively do marketing for PIVX. Our hope is that some of these people and their skills will be considered for on-going work, as opposed to just this one off campaign effort. This is a great excuse to re-build a supported marketing team.

Key Messages/Headlines (WIP)
"Best Core Wallet in Crypto!"
“Most Innovative and User-Friendly Core Wallet in Crypto”
“Finally, a Wallet Your Grandma Can Use!”

  • Get some media attention and increase user adoption
  • Continue the momentum of a great project
  • Excite and encourage the PIVians/Ambassadors. Some good news!
  • Show what a fuller Marketing Team could accomplish
  • Show what a dedicated focus on U.i/UX can accomplish.
Steph and Rhubarbarian have already logged many hours in preparation, but the official campaign will start after 3.3 has landed safely.

Although nothing is guaranteed, we hope to increase energy within the community, attract new investors (Increased value) and see wallet downloads increase
Media attention in the form of web-media pickups and YouTuber reviews. We will track and report Number of downloads / overall response/issues, social engagement etc. Going to try some a/B testing as well.

Stephanie Craig - Project Co-lead, Project Management, and Social Media Manager
Rhubarbarian and Team - Project Co-Lead
- branding, design, and other creative collateral deliverables beyond typical deliverables via creativedesign4 proposal

Robin Soley
-3D animator
Chockablock - Walkthrough Video

Support form other leads and volunteers
Robert DeVoe - Optical88 - content writer/Mailchimp
Hanna - Translations Team
Jakiman - Technical writer and social media support
Social media channel managers
All Ambassadors

Kelsey and Angelo
- Possible Roundtable interview/AMA/WPWP mention (TBD)
Snappy - Possible DYK and/or walkthrough video (TBD)

Channels and Desired Deliverables

Social Media
  • Create a hopper of Posts to be posted over 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after
  • engagement via tips for wallet downloads
  • DYK Video
  • Video tutorial and walkthroughs
  • Roundtable/ AMA with Furszy? - Kelsey and Angelo
  • Homepage banner
  • Blog
  • Set up a landing page for 4.0
  • Host Meetups after launch - wallet demos, PIVaways, photos and discord invites, video interview/reviews, report number of downloads
Community Involvement Asks
  • Join Discord, offer a review (video or text)
  • Do a blog post/review
  • Get Tipped
- give them the wallet demo just before launch - Asking 2-3 Crypto YouTubers to do a review (non paid if possible) For example:
  • Cryptolark
  • other?
Crypto/Mainstream Media
  • Press Release - Optical88
  • Send to a few or hit one for exclusive
  • no media advertising budget
  • short run Boost on Facebook
Proposed Budget in PIV
Project Management/Communications/planning, etc - 900
Social Media Management - posts, engagement - 1000
Ideation/Design Branding/Creative (above and beyond ongoing design support) - 1000
3D animation announcement - 285
Video Tutorial/Walkthrough - edited for Youtube - 600
Press Release Article - Covered under the writing proposal
Landing page and post on the wallet - n/c
DYK? - 300
PIV for Tips or Contest or Ambassador meetup giveaways - 500
YouTuber Review cost - TBD
MailChimp subscription 100

TOTAL - 2342.50 PIV
Voting Details to follow
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Should move this to Pre-Proposal section. 4.0 is still a ways off so might want to consider spreading this out over multiple cycles too as the need isn't immediate.

Edit: also, please try to follow the formatting guidelines, having that code block at the very top with the short-stat details is very helpful
Should move this to Pre-Proposal section. 4.0 is still a ways off so might want to consider spreading this out over multiple cycles too as the need isn't immediate.

Edit: also, please try to follow the formatting guidelines, having that code block at the very top with the short-stat details is very helpful
roger that - thanks
I'm not part of the marketing team.. no idea why i'm in the proposal.

Don't confuse my help and the large amount of time that I spend answering every single question, trying to support every person in the community for the good sake of the project with be responsible or part of the marketing team.
Not confused at all. It was meant to recognize you as the lead on the development of the thing we are marketing. You are very much part of the team and integral to making this work. Without you and your intel, there would be no marketing. Don’t worry, we don’t need you to do anything other than keep answering my questions. Ignore everybody else! Ha!
ok, no problem. Just trying to clarify this to not mix responsibilities. I'm glad to help in whatever i can, but really cannot be everywhere.