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Newest Version of Core Wallet Crashes Immediately


New Pivian
I'm on Mac OSX and I downloaded the newest core wallet. I opened the wallet and it wasn't synching. So, I did the ole move everything in the folder except for the .conf files, wallet.dat & backups folder to another location. And when I opened the wallet it just crashes immediately.

I then returned all the files that were originally there and it is still crashing. I think tried the Light wallet but it won't take my core wallet .dat

So, I can't get into my wallet at all.

Please help


Staff member
Hi @jonnyrevolution can you try move everything out the folder including wallet file, start the PIVX wallet up. If it does proceed to open fine and start syncing then close it and this time copy over your PIVX wallet.dat backup and try open it again. If it crashes then please try use an older backup of your wallet file. You can also find some in the backups folder.

Can you also send me the debug.log file. You can directly message it to me here on the forum.