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Title: PIVX-BRAZIL-2020
Name: PIVX-BRAZIL-2020
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle amount: 2290
Total amount: 6870
Author: @forbal
Receiver: @forbal
Address: DCXYaLVnFd18Z41vdQERQpsXv2QttjCj6d
Created: August 22,2020
Status: Active

Hello everyone, it's JoaquimF - Ambassador to Brazil

The Need
PIVX Brasil was created in 2019 and since then we have been producing independent content with videos, post, PIVX Press and an interview, but I see that something more is missing to really grow and reach maybe 600-800 members in the Telegram community
Because of that, I created this proposal with the intention of having a greater dissemination of the projects and reaching new horizons

Such a proposal was never made for Brazil, focusing on content production with articles on websites and banners about PIVX
I will be very committed to making the PIVX Brasil group grow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube

The articles and banners will be very important for the promotion of PIVX in Brazil, a large part of the community follows these channels
Draw 1 Trezor One + 100 PIVX
Trezor One $75 - Importing to Brazil
100 PIVX $48 (Quotation 13\08\2020)
It is very important to have an incentive like this, because in all promotional material whether in videos, articles and banner we will mention trezor one for the draw and this will reach several people for our channel

$1382 budget

Boya Microphone $35
This microphone will be used to improve the quality of the audio in the PIVX Press videos and also in the
videos teaching about PIVX on your computer screen

Facebook ADS, Google ADS, Twitter ADS
I have a great experience in Facebook ADS Google ADS and Twitter ADS I will use part of the budget to announce the PIVX Telegram Group and also
a video in Portuguese about PIVX talking about the project

Postgrain - Subscription 4 months
Service that I will use to keep posts daily or every 2 days according to the content posted on PIVX International

In addition to all this will have all the management of contacts and social networks, adjustment of videos with Youtuber, crypto media channels and article for websites I will take care of in full

Video Review PIVX
  1. 1 Video Review https://www.youtube.com/c/EpaminondasChannel/videos $20 in PIVX to encourage community voting - 54k Subscribers - Videos on the Epaminondas Channel are by vote, so I will use part of the budget to try a Video Review on PIVX
  2. 2 Video Bitnoob https://www.youtube.com/c/BitNoob/featured 6k Subscribers - $76
  3. 1 Video É Top Saber https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTbrmKzYoaYZmeUiZP97rcg 24,5k Subscribers - $125
  4. 2 Video Rei do Bitcoin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGqW2PkAxJV42BETJcPxsw 6,5k Subscribers - $80
PIVX Brazil Content Production
1 PIVX Press per week
2 Tutorial per month teaching something about PIVX

Post social networks PIVX Brazil

I will give all necessary support in the groups of PIVX Brazil and I will post daily or every 2 days on social networks helping the whole community to grow
This time I want to include articles, videos from Youtubers to really have a presence and greater knowledge about the project
All this work will be done for 4 months, I count on community feedback and support

Vote Yes❤
mnbudgetvote many bcb1abe078bbb2cec2029df667a3dbff366128db59e239d5ff690fbca1cb7b76 yes

Proposal Fee: We will not be asking for the 50 PIV in fees to be reimbursed

Check ours links:
Telegram: https://t.me/PIVXPortugueseChat
Medium: https://medium.com/@pivxportuguese
Instagram: https://bit.ly/2El5DnV
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PIVXPortugues/?ref=bookmarks
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ_0QS6hBkjqVkECA6L-kVA

Thanks. JoaquimF

2290 PIVX/month
TOTAL 6870 PIV (3 months)
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New Pivian
Hi to everyone in the PIVX community, I have been in the PIVX Brazil community since 2018 at the head of the Brazilian community, always working actively in the community, but in the last few weeks I missed the deadline to update the proposal for growth in Brazil and everything that was written will be accomplished

In the next 3 days I will show everything that was done, unfortunately the funds were blocked for 4 weeks because I did the conversion in BRL and so it was not possible to execute all the projects and I wanted to do everything together videos, post social networks, articles, banner and sponsorships

As the funds were blocked I could post and post videos, but that would not be as efficient without the sponsorships, videos, articles, banner, sweepstakes proposed. Because of that I did not make the posts I apologize to the whole community and I commit to comply with everything I said! ❤️ ❤️


New Pivian
Hello to everyone in the PIVX community, due to the blocking of funds, we were unable to execute all projects in September, but everything is already resolved for the growth of PIVX in Brazil

The next steps are partnerships with more sites, youtubers and etc.

I count on the support of all PIVX!
Vote Yes❤
mnbudgetvote many bcb1abe078bbb2cec2029df667a3dbff366128db59e239d5ff690fbca1cb7b76 yes

Report of what was done: