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Ended PIVX Core Dev Funding (Jul-Sep 2021)


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PIVX Core Development (Jul-Sep 2021)​

Name: Core-Dev-Jul2021
Term: 3 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 22.5k PIV
Total Amnt: 67.5K PIV
Author: furszy
Receiver: random-zebra & furszy
Address: DE9ERJojTPbNSUVUjsZgGfLbozrGHfdYdS
Created: 2021-07-02
Status: Active
Proposal vote hash: a63542df9653a3344c1a8bea48bd19c93bdaf92f0a74c0cdd76f16f7af8a60c1

What does this proposal cover?
This poroposal covers PIVX Core development expenses for the second quarter (Jul-Sep) of 2021, including Core developers salaries, infrastructures, app UX designer and bug-bounty reserve.

What is the proposal funding?
The PCD proposal is submitted by random-zebra and furszy. We have been in charge of the development and maintenance of the PIVX reference client (including the research and implementation of new features, the maintenance and testing of the whole platform, as well as the design of counter-measures, during network issues or attack attempts) for the latest 2.5 years (charts link).

Here is a brief list of the latest deliverables, chronologically ordered:

* zc smaller Signature of Knowledge research & impl.
* zc bulletproof research & impl.
* zc light node protocol research & impl.
* Fake stake report.
* zc wrapped serials exploit.
* zc final exploit research.
* zPIV deactivation.
* zc v2 public spends.
* Design and implementation of the "cold staking" protocol.
* zc v1 public spends using Schnorr Signatures.
* v3.4 PoS time drift solution.
* New MN messages signatures.
* New v4.0 PoS time protocol.
* v4.0 brand new GUI wallet (design & impl).
* Hierarchical deterministic wallet implementation.
* Tier two network revamp.
* Privacy protocol research.
* v5 new SHIELD data protection network protocol implementation.
* Sapling wallet and keys manager.
* Budget payments system, masternodes system and cold staking open attack vectors fixes.
* Huge performance improvements v4.1 / v5.1, network stabilization and overall software fixes everywhere in the sources.
* v6 research and on-going development (Deterministic Masternodes, new special transactions types, new Masternodes proof of service, budget proposals GUI work, budget system overhaul, Chain-locks, Shield Masternodes rewards)
* Tor v3 onion addresses client and network support.
* The new graphical user interface for the governance system.
* Lot of performance improvements and much much more.. including all of the non-core work over the explorers, SPMT/PET4L and different net/wallet libraries written in other languages.

We invite everyone to visit github’s repositories for a deeper perspective of what is going on and what will happen in the upcoming months.

The addition of the application UX designer and frontend developer neoperol to the team in the past proposal has not gone unnoticed, thanks to his designs and mockups, we have been able to move forward with the long awaited governance system graphical user interface :) . Can found the PR link with demo videos here.

As the community devs / bug bounty funding pot has been drained by a great report (PR fix link), 3k PIVs will continue being stored for any future bug bounty or community development reward.
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