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Draft PIVX Core Development (Feb-Apr2023)


Name: PIVX Core Development
Terms: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amt: 30,000 PIV
Total Amt: 90,000 PIV
Author: Liquid369
Receiver: Liquid369
Address: TBA
Created: 01-25-2023
Status: Pre-Proposal
Vote Hash: TBA

Hello Pivian’s

This proposal is in regard to moving forward with PIVX Core Development with the focus on several key things alongside more discussions with the community on what is the order to achieve afterward. The following is the outline of what's done and is being done in regard to PIVX Core Development. There is a need for more involvement in the PIVX Development process that I can assist with. This overview is the scope of what I have in mind to work on.

What will this proposal bring, and how will it be executed?

- Assisting PIVX Core Development with Fuzzbawls and Alessandro Rezzi
- Assistance in maintaining Repositories in PIVX-Project Organization
- Research regarding the current status of 6.0
- Allowing IPv4 and IPv6 capability to version 6.0
- Finalizing 6.0 release aka “DMN”
- Overviewing current code for various fixes and needs to be resolved during the 6.0 process
- Reviewing code submissions by various contributors before being merged into PIVX
- Use case development
- Adoption forward thinking
- New Roadmap discussions
- Purchasing hardware needed for ledger testing

What have I done so far?

- Code reviews to push forward v5.5
- Contributed to building and releasing v5.5
- Assisting PIVX Labs
- Worked on several payment processors, now needing to be configured for PIVX
- Being a developer available for Support in discord
- Assisted in providing data to various exchanges/amas for accuracy and technical mindset
- Started up a Test network with the team to evaluate current DMN processes
- Worked on bug resolution already found with Alessandro in regard to DMN creation/starting
- Reconfigured test network for better/easier testing
- Researching new ways to implement/adjust the current DMN/6.0 system for ipv4/6​
Looks like you "Checked all the boxes" for me. I see nothing to suggest you add, and like what I see.
Properly funding Development is one of the main reasons the new Rewards Structure was put in place.
Love that there is focus/bias/trend towards supporting Use Cases and User Adoption!

Please make sure to HAVE FUN executing this proposal @Liquid369 ! 😀
Only thing I'd add is a transparent breakdown of funds distribution. or, if individuals wish to keep their specific payment private, explicitly state how many people (and any additional funds usage) are being funded by this.

I say this because way in the past (Seven's days), there was a TON of ambiguity with the dev proposals, and nobody even knew where funds were going, who exactly they were going to, and how much was actually being paid to developers. And, when I first took over the core dev proposal responsibility when he left, discovered that a lot of funds were being just wasted/squandered on needless things. Similarly, when Furszy was doing dev proposals, he only listed himself and RZ, but apparently there were other unknown people being paid as well (a mysterious UI dev that nobody other than Furszy knew).

All that being said, I do very much welcome this proposal! So glad to see some additional interest in people contributing to the core wallet, and you certainly deserve to be compensated for it. If this comes to fruition and is passed, expect access permissions to repos under the PIVX-Project github organization to be elevated for yourself and anyone else named in the final proposal.