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Archived PIVX core language & terminology and style guide localisation


Jun '18

PIVX core language & terminology and style guide localisation
Hi PIVians,
This is the first of what I hope is a string of efforts focused on user and public engagement. Recently, I created a guide for the proper usage of language and terminology for PIVX written content. The intention behind this document is to provide a resource for content creators to best represent PIVX in the written form, and maintain unity in our core terminology across various platforms. The document is currently available in English, and pinned for marketing and translation staff to use and refer content creators to. The intention moving forward is to perfect this document, and with cooperation from Hanna and the translation team, create versions specific to as many languages as possible.
This proposal is aimed to address the following:
  • To produce a document that outlines integral PIVX brand and identity language, and presents clear, concise explanations on how to use them effectively to optimise and better control the PIVX professional image
  • To get the document not only translated, but localised for each language catered to by PIVX
    o This second point involves research to ensure language and style choices do not cross and cultural lines, taboos, or otherwise cause offence or loss of face for PIVX
  • To ensure PIVX’s regular translation team have a sound grasp on key language and terminology so to better serve efforts in their languages in the future
  • To establish a range of qualified volunteer-proofreaders and editors for as many languages as possible to ensure quality material is available in as many languages as possible
Efforts so far:
To date, the document has been written and updated by myself, with input from a handful of trusted members in the marketing staff channel. It has been left up for comment and suggestion, as well as criticism, and pinned for visibility. Several members have volunteered as proofreaders in this time, both in English, and other languages.
Discussions between myself and Hanna have taken place on how to best proceed with this project, which has brought me to this point.
Process moving forward:
The next step would be to finalise the English document, focusing on making it as translation friendly, and future-revision friendly as possible. I don’t imagine this will be a difficult task, and shouldn’t take me too long.
Next would be Hanna stepping in to direct and coordinate translators. My involvement at this stage would be minimal. As usual, Hanna would provide support and organisation for the translation team to ensure work can progress on schedule. This support from Hanna will extend through the final phase in parallel to my own efforts there.
The last step would be to work closely with the translators to ensure each version of the paper is as culturally applicable, sensitive, and accurate as possible. This would involve dialogue with each translator, research, and finalising the process with each translator individually to ensure everything is crystal clear once the translation process is complete. Ensuring we don’t propagate errors or set groundwork for poor habits that may prove misleading in the future is integral.
Team & Background:
I became directly involved with PIVX in January of this year. Some of my efforts include writing an extensive PIVX white paper; helping direct the PIVX 2.0 website efforts; aiding many PIVX core and community members in various writing focused tasks; strategising on marketing, bizdev, and PR; as well as working in my role on the QA test team.
Qualification-wise, I’ve studied extensively across various disciplines at the tertiary level up to a Master’s degree. Relevant areas include grammar, linguistics, strategic communication, new media, psychology, and research.
Hanna: is the current head of translation efforts for PIVX. Hanna’s efforts include the organisation, support, coordination, and reports for translation efforts undertaken by the vast translation team.
Hanna’s work, experience, and efforts have spoken for themselves in the translation efforts of everything from official releases and articles, to subtitle translation on official PIVX video releases.
Hanna’s translation team: who have continuously provided PIVX with speedy, quality translations across a range of media in a large variety of languages.
  • PIVX core language & terminology and style guide in 20 catered to languages as a resource for PIVX content creators, both official and unofficial, to be stored as a resource on the PIVX website.
  • Notes and research as a basis for an additional 10 languages previously served, in preparation for potential re-engagement in the future.
    The Ask:
  • 100 PIV for my own time, skills, research, and coordinating with translation members
  • 75 PIV for Hanna to oversee translation efforts
  • 12 PIV for each translator at 1 PIV per 100 words as per their current working fee (document approx. 1200 words) up to 20 languages = 240 PIV
  • 8 additional PIV per translator for cooperation on cultural considerations, and for spending time to ensure understanding—and not just translation—of concepts in the paper for the sake of future translation efforts = 160 PIV
  • 20 PIV as a thank you to the PIVians who took the time to contribute to the paper
  • 50 PIV for the cost of submitting proposal
  • Volunteer proofreading work is currently not included in this proposal as it currently remains just that. The topic can be revisited in the future depending on necessity and need.
    ** Any remaining PIV from languages not addressed for whatever reason will be donated to exchange fund.
    Total is 645 PIV as a one-time payment
Please feel free to ask any questions, share any concerns, or otherwise chime in.