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Archived PIVX Core wallet UX/UI design + QT frontend Development


Dec '18

This proposal is to have our PIVX QT wallet revamped dramatically.
There are already firm candidates with PIVX codebase Experience ready to carry out this work, however fine details are still to be hashed out and we may need an NDA.
This proposal will partially fund the following,
2 x UI designers
1 x UX designer
1 x Project manager
1 X Wallet frontend Developer
1 X wallet frontend CSS DEV
1 X Blockchain dev
3 X Testers
We expect full turnaround to be somewhere in the region of 3-4 months, So it should be ready for release in Q2 2019.
The code for this wallet upgrade will be open source and regular updates on the status of this proposal will be provided.
The amount being requested is 10K PIV, the rest will be funded from donations to the same address.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to receiving your support
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