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Title: PIVX DAO Tutorials

Name: DAOTutorials

Term: 1

Cycle Amount: 1,000

Total Amount: 1,000

Author: CryptoSI

Receiver: CryptoSI

Address: DL2qMJzBwpw67NTjUPncdJvaeYz1KjvcCV

Status: Active

Created: 01-08-2023

Vote Hash: 4f51685f0d73303148638529ac7d8233d2b3ef3779df91ff8b73f6b7237d9fd2

Proposal Name​

PIVX DAO Tutorials


In this proposal I wish to get paid to produce a suite of tutorials for the PIVX community that explain how to create proposals, vote on proposals and track their progress up until completion. I will be requesting 1000 PIV and delivering 6 videos on various topics from setting up a wallet to putting a proposal on chain. The videos will belong to PIVX community, I will also host them on my own youtube channel.


Voter apathy is proven to be a perplexing issue for DAOs and PIVX is no different, for this reason I’ve decided to try to create content to help people to navigate the PIVX DAO by helping to show them how to launch proposals, discuss them in the forums, launch them on chain, monitor their progress, promote their proposal and follow up with insightful and effective reporting. This content can be found at DAOWatch.blog


The primary objective of this proposal is to develop a comprehensive series of educational tutorials for the PIVX community. This initiative aims to empower community members by providing clear, accessible instructions on how to participate fully in PIVX's decentralized governance structure. The tutorial topics are specifically chosen to cover vital functions such as creating proposals, voting on proposals, and tracking their progress until completion.

This initiative is born out of the recognition that active community participation is a cornerstone of PIVX's decentralized governance. However, this active participation may be hindered by a lack of knowledge or understanding of the processes involved. By addressing this gap, we aim to foster a more inclusive, engaged, and empowered PIVX community.

The secondary goal is to utilize these tutorials as promotional material, not only to engage current community members but also to attract new members who are interested in PIVX's unique governance model. By hosting these tutorials on the proposer's own YouTube channel as well as within the PIVX community, we aim to enhance the visibility of PIVX, demonstrating its commitment to transparency, education, and community engagement.

Content and structure​

This series of tutorials will cover six crucial aspects of participating in the PIVX community's governance model. Each video will be standalone but also part of a larger narrative, contributing to a holistic understanding of the PIVX system.

  1. "Getting Started" (Approximately 3 minutes long): This tutorial serves as an introduction to PIVX, guiding users through the process of setting up a PIVX wallet and explaining how to send and receive funds. By familiarizing users with these basic tasks, we equip them with the essential tools to participate in PIVX governance.
  2. "Initiating Community Discussion": This video tutorial will demonstrate how to start a 'preproposal' by creating a thread within the PIVX forums. It will guide users on how to articulate their ideas for specific proposals and how to gain constructive feedback. This video aims to emphasize the value of community feedback in shaping robust, well-considered proposals.
  3. "Adding the Proposal to the Chain": This tutorial will detail the process of officially launching a proposal on the PIVX blockchain. It will include steps on how to add the proposal, including any technical requirements and best practices. The objective here is to demystify the process of formalizing proposals, thereby empowering more members to participate actively in governance.
  4. "Monitoring the Proposal": This video will outline how to track votes on a proposal and understanding quorums. It aims to make the often complex process of monitoring a proposal transparent and accessible, fostering a more engaged community.
  5. "Promoting Your Proposal": This tutorial focuses on how to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram to promote a proposal. It aims to impart effective strategies for raising awareness about a proposal and engaging not only the PIVX community but a broader audience as well. The goal is to encourage robust, wide-ranging discussions that can contribute to the development of the proposal and the community.
  6. "Reporting": The final video in this series will teach users how to report their status as they complete the deliverables they committed to when their proposal was approved. It will guide users on how to be accountable to the community, reinforcing the shared responsibility that lies at the heart of PIVX's decentralized model.
Together, these six tutorials form a comprehensive guide that aims to enable every PIVX community member to actively participate in the governance process, from inception of an idea to its final execution.

Timeline and Milestones​

To ensure a structured and efficient completion of this project, the following timeline and milestones have been outlined. This plan allows for thorough preparation, execution, editing, and finalizing of each tutorial. I’ll work on each video for roughly 2 hours, they will not be ‘professional’ standard tutorials, I’ll be recording them from home using a webcam, OBS studio and a yeti mic. The emphasis is on conveying information efficiently.

  1. "Getting Started":
    • Preparation (scripting, rehearsing, etc.) - Week 1
    • Recording and Editing - Week 1
    • Finalization and Release - End of Week 1
  2. "Initiating Community Discussion":
    • Preparation - Week 1
    • Recording and Editing - Week 1
    • Finalization and Release - End of Week 1
  3. "Adding the Proposal to the Chain":
    • Preparation - Week 4
    • Recording and Editing - Week 4
    • Finalization and Release - End of Week 4
  4. "Monitoring the Proposal":
    • Preparation - Week 6
    • Recording and Editing - Week 6
    • Finalization and Release - End of Week 7
  5. "Promoting Your Proposal":
    • Preparation - Week 6
    • Recording and Editing - Week 6
    • Finalization and Release - End of Week 7
  6. "Reporting":
    • Preparation - Week 12
    • Recording and Editing - Week 12
    • Finalization and Release - End of Week 12
Each tutorial requires approximately three hours to complete from the initial preparation stage to the final release, ensuring high-quality content delivery. This timeline provides a clear pathway for completion and allows the community to anticipate when they can expect each tutorial. In case of any changes in the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, timely updates will be provided to the community. There are gaps naturally as time will be allowed for people to discuss the proposals on the forums and also for the voting to be conducted.

Budget and Resource Allocation
The requested budget for this project is 1000 PIV, which primarily covers the labor required to plan, create, and publish the tutorial series. Since all editing, recording, and hosting duties are being handled by myself at no extra cost, and the videos will be hosted free on YouTube, this budget is primarily for compensating the time and effort put into this project.

Here is a simplified breakdown of the budget:

  1. Planning and Scripting: Each of the six videos requires thorough research, scripting, and planning to ensure the content is accurate, engaging, and helpful. This task is estimated to take approximately 25% of the overall time.
  2. Recording and Editing: This involves recording the video, doing the voiceover, and editing the footage. Given the complexity of this task, it is estimated to take around 50% of the total time.
  3. Finalizing and Publishing: This includes final touches, proof-watching, uploading, and publishing the videos. This task will take approximately 15% of the total time.
  4. Promotion and Community Engagement: The remaining 10% of the time will be allocated for promoting the videos on various platforms and engaging with the community for feedback and discussions.
While the sum requested may seem modest given the scope of the project, it is important to note that the primary motivation behind this proposal is to contribute to the PIVX community and promote active engagement in its decentralized governance model. Although the potential for higher earnings exists elsewhere, the value derived from enhancing community participation and empowering individuals with knowledge to contribute effectively to PIVX's governance is seen as a significant reward.

Community Engagement and Distribution Strategy​

The strategy for hosting and distributing the videos has been designed to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility, promoting a high degree of engagement among the PIVX community and beyond.

  1. Hosting: The tutorial videos will be hosted on two primary platforms. Firstly, they will be uploaded to my YouTube channel, which provides a user-friendly and widely accessible platform. In addition to this, the videos will also be made available within the PIVX community through embedding or linking, ensuring direct accessibility to community members.
  2. Promotion within the PIVX community: We plan to leverage the community's established communication channels for promoting these videos. These channels include the PIVX forums, Discord, Telegram, and any other relevant platform. This will ensure the core user base is promptly informed of new tutorial releases.
  3. Broader Promotion: We plan to reach beyond the PIVX community by leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Engaging posts and snippets from the videos can serve to capture the attention of a broader audience. These posts will contain links to the full video tutorials, inviting interested individuals to engage further. This strategy not only aims to attract potential new community members but also raises general awareness about PIVX's unique governance model.
  4. Ongoing Engagement: Following the release of each tutorial, I will actively participate in ensuing discussions, answering questions and providing clarification where necessary. This ongoing engagement will help to build a sense of community, encourage active learning, and ensure that the content is clearly understood.
  5. Feedback Loop: Finally, a continuous feedback loop will be established to inform the ongoing refinement of these tutorials. Community members will be encouraged to provide their thoughts and suggestions, allowing the content to evolve according to the community's needs.
Through this multi-faceted distribution and engagement strategy, we aim to ensure these tutorials reach a wide audience, stimulate robust discussions, and ultimately foster a more engaged, empowered, and active PIVX community.


I intend to collaborate with @LeacyMcK for promotion (social media), we will discuss collaboration privately via Twitter, instagram and discord. LeacyMck has already contacted me multiple times to get the process rolling so I have no doubts that we will be able to effectively share these videos and their clips. Adding various languages will be considered in the future for this I will probably use the help of whoever steps forward to translate for MPW, this is NOT part of this proposal and will be funded seperately IF we decide to do it.
The description of the videos will include links to other PIVX community created tutorials such as https://www.youtube.com/@PIVianX I feel this gives users opportunity to learn in different ways. It also gives credit and appreciation for other grass roots voluntary efforts of PIVX community members.
I will be using MyPIVXWallet to create the proposal in the tutorial as I feel its the solution with the least friction.


After the release of these videos, I may create a few more, showing how to vote, how to use privacy features and how to use PIVX on a mobile device. I am not including a video on how to cast votes as this is too specific to Masternode owners only and doesnt capture enough of the pivx community or potential community.

Videos already completed
The first 3 videos of the series have been completed and uploaded, this gives everyone an idea of the style of the tutorials, and the depth with which I intend to educate. Also you can see the thumbnails I'm using, I think they're nice, but I know Rhubarb would be furious with them. lol



If the proposal does not pass, I will still complete the tutorials and post them, I will however not allow PIVX to post them on their youtube channel and I will feel upset and rejected.

If the vote fails but I am given the PIV via donation, I will gift the content to PIVX for them to do as they please in the same way I would if I were funded by the treasury, I will however not get the bragging rights of calling the tutorials the Official PIVX DAO tutorials.

Contact me​

Email - [email protected]

Discord - cryptosi.eth

Twitter - @crypto_SI

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